The Big Reveal! Blog revamp

Have you noticed??  If you read this in a reader, you might not have, so pop on over to the real blog – I got a mini-makeover and I love it!!

Here’s a brief glimpse of the new:

In case you forgot, here’s the old:

It’s all thanks to Kim over at 733 Design

seven thirty three - - - custom blog design

So, want to know the changes??

  • it loads FASTER!!  that was my big concern, and Kim worked her magic on that.
  • even if it does load slow, the background is such that you can still read the text as it’s loading – I know that was hard to do before
  • I switched from dots to strips but still kept the same color scheme, with the addition of a hint of gray
  • but I still love dots and how Kim incorporated it into my new header
  • new sidebar titles and it’s back to one sidebar instead of split so it’s not too cluttered
  • my social media things actually match my blog, and there’s a new one that looks like a button – click that to grab a button
  • WIDER, so more room in the area that matters, the posts

And if you’re my fan on Facebook, you’ll see that 733 Design also makes those fun Facebook Profile Pictures – here’s mine – it’s long so you see the whole thing when you’re on my page, but then since it also has that top section that’s just my button, I set that to be my thumbnail so that’s what you’ll see in your news feed – pretty genius, right?!?

I am still using my custom logo that my sister-in-law Amber made me – I just love the little bee she designed and the whole layout of the logo – you can see her etsy shop AmberWilliamsDesign HERE and message her about making a logo for you.

And for sure go visit Seven Thirty Three – Custom Blog Design - Kim did a great job and has great prices.
She was super easy to work with and went above and beyond my expectations.  And wow, was she fast.  When I work on my blog HTML, it seriously takes me days – I think she installed the whole revamp in less than an hour – amazing!

Did I mention it’s loading faster?!?!  So awesome!

Oh, and I have a fancy new button, if you want one :)
Grab a button – – just copy the code below the button and paste it into the “html” widget on your blog (my old button was so old that it still said “sugar bee craft edition”)


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  1. says

    Wahoo it really does load faster! I admit, yours was a bit slow- I would open something else to look at while I waited and then come back :P It looks awesome Mandy! PS… so does the keyboard! :)

  2. says

    Love it! Faster is always better that’s why fast food is so popular :) Love your blog — great inspiration. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us.

    ReMemory Designs

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