February 9, 2012

Cell Phone Holder fail

We all know and love the amazing cell phone holder from a lotion bottle from over at Make It and Love It:

So once a month my mom's family gets together for a craft night - mainly just yacking, but occasionally we make stuff, like this month.  We aimed for the awesome holder shown above (follow that link above for the tutorial).  Here we are, cutting bottles in to shapes (left, Kate, my cousin-more-like-a-sis from A Piece of Kate's and right her mom, my aunt, Jennifer from Studio 103 - yep, they've both started blogs recently) - you can even see Make It and Love It pulled up on the laptop:
 Then a bunch of fiangling the fabric and gluing and cutting:
 And voila, they're done:

Only there's a problem - - with the big beefy charger plug, there's barely room for a phone.  It looks like it could topple out at any moment.  Curses.
Oh well.  Has anyone else made one of these?  You probably had a cute little charger so it worked.....or maybe a taller bottle.....

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I did make one, and my charger is pretty beefy. I used a baby shampoo bottle, but a lotion bottle would probably solve your problem. Too bad it didn't work for you! It's cute though! :)

oh and I thought about something that may work for you! Some of the comments in that post showed concerned about safety issues. A suggestion was to put one of those handy 3m hooks next to the outlet you use. That way you could plug it in, and hang the phone holder next to the outlet, to make more room for your phone.

That's hardly a fail! I completely blame the plug manufacturer - how dare they not have developed universally small, sleek plugs and mailed them to all us, free! I love how they turned out - I might just have to try it!

Ahh cute! I hadn't seen this yet believe it or not so I've never made one. Love the idea though.

Awesome attempt! I have been meaning to try this and haven't. I have the same kind of charger you have so thanks for the heads up. :)

I got rid of mine to my daughter in law-- it matched her purse and she liked the look of it!

I'm not an electrician or anything, but I am concerned about the piece that you have sandwiched between the charger and the outlet. Maybe I am paranoid, but I'm concerned that it might become a fire hazard. We get a shock when we touch there so what is happening to your fabric/glue/plastic combination?
However, I would NOT call this a fail by any means! It is cute. I would call it a prototype. Maybe try again with a taller bottle and leave plenty of room for the phone, then design the hanger part to sit on (around?) the charger itself. Does that make sense? It does in my head.... But that could just be me...
I want to make one, but I am getting a new phone in March so there is no point doing one for my current phone (which has a charger like yours!).
I think the 3M hook is a great idea if you are going to charge at the same outlet all the time.

For one, you could put your phone in there upside down so the part that plugs into your phone is at the top and more of your phone will go in the holder? Otherwise, I like the 3M hook idea and if you make another I would just use a taller bottle.

A taller bottle! Definitely.

I tried making one out of a cup I didn't care about (one of those restaurant freebies). Yeah. Not tall enough. I tossed it. I am probably going to go the command hook route though. (And make another holder...) I do use my plugs for other things besides a phone charger but I'd like to have a home for it close to the charger.

You could use a child proof outlet cover to hold the holder in place and use the top outlet for the plug...if you had a double plug that is. Your phone might fit better.

It looks so cute -- too bad the charger couldn't be cuter too :)

I love that you all got together!! So cute! Try again with a larger bottle for sure!!

Well, they are cute, just not maybe big enough??? I don't know. let us know if you try again!!

Thanks for letting us know! I had that one pinned to try. I'll have to take a look at my bottles and my charger to see if they'll work.

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