Giant Picture for Cheap: STEP 2

Giant Picture Tutorial – Step 1: The Picture

Giant Picture for Cheap - a DIY Tutorial

Giant Picture Tutorial – Step 2:  The Foam Board

You will need to buy foam board for the picture.  Kind of like the foamboard that you use like posterboard, but bigger.  And where do you get one that big??  Home Depot/Lowes – yep, it’s the big foam pieces used to insulate houses.  And it’s cheap – $11 for the whole board and you can get a couple of pictures out of it.

If you would like a sturdier option, I have also created a Giant Picture using a piece of plywood as the backing – it was a higher cost for that version.  You can find it here: Giant Picture with Plywood Backing

Place your photo on your foam board  then cut off any extra…

Giant Picture Tutorial
I used a mat knife to cut the styrofoam.  I’ve also found that an electric knife (like what you use to carve a turkey) works great as well – it gives a cleaner edge.

Now your board is ready to attach your picture – follow along to Step 3 where I tell you what went wrong and what went right – all in the tips for attaching your picture to foam.

Click Here for Giant Picture Tutorial Step 3:
Mounting the Photo to the Foam Board

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    Hi Mandy, I was wondering if you know of a way to have the picture blown up in color, not black and white. Any suggestions? Thanks! – Kelcey

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    Thanks for this! I have so many pictures that are sitting in a tote…time to start using this as inspiration to make some great prints to hang in the kids room!

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    Pinned this for a Grankid Project this summer. Sooooo happy I did. Made exactly as recommended and all 3 turned out so stinken cute! Thank you for such a great summer project :)

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    I would leave the film on the foam board, especially in a child’s room. Those boards are made at Dow Chemical and emit all kinds of nasty elements into the air, you don’t know you are breathing in. I am a professional artist and am so careful about what I breathe in, there are so many toxic chemicals used in art supplies!

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