February 16, 2012

Giant Picture for Cheap: STEP 4

Giant Picture Tutorial Step 1: The Picture

Giant Picture for Cheap - a DIY Tutorial

Giant Picture Tutorial Step 2: Foam Board

Giant Picture Tutorial Step 3: Mounting the Picture to the Foam Board

Step 4: Hanging the Giant Picture

I am sure there are several ways to hang up your photo.  You could discreetly put a nail in each corner, or in the middle of the top and bottom (it's light so it won't need much) - that would be easy.

We used duct tape to hold loops of wire and hooked those over nails - super high-tech, only not :)  A view of the back:

The wire has slipped out and needed retaped, so I might go with the nail method or get a less-slick wire.

 Here's the view looking into their room - I love it, and so do they!!
So go make one!!  you can do this!!  (FYI, Here's the post about the stenciled dresser)

It has been a year since I completed this project.  The picture is still looking great, not fading, etc - I'll try to keep you posted as time goes on, so right now, so far so good - you can see a more recent picture of it on this Butterfly Bedroom Wall Post.

If you've completed this awesome project yourself and blogged it about, feel free to use my button - -

Step 1: The Picture
Step 2: The Foam Board
Step 3: Mounting the Picture to the Board
Step 4: Hanging the Picture


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I love this project! Great job. I used the same foam board to make a giant bulletin board to display Christmas cards. I just happened to have a large roll of cork leftover from a previous project. Luckily someone at Lowes warned me about the spray painting issue! They also pointed me in the direction of a good adhesive that doesn't eat away at the foam. The whole thing turned out great. I'm now thinking about how I could layer the foam + cork + photo print to make a bulletin/photo board. Thanks for sharing! (tammy@maddreyhomes.com)

Have you thought about using the coke tab method to hang these? :)

I wonder if the 3M strips would work to hang these. I've used them quite successfully on several different types of things.

I wonder if the 3M strips would work to hang these. I've used them quite successfully on several different types of things.

this is fantastic!!! I want to try this for my room, i was just wondering if I would be able to order prints that aren't landscape but portrait? Thanks!!!

YEp! just flip the orientation - good luck with it!

Do they have to be black and white?

an "engineer's print" which is the cheap way to print them, only comes in black and white. You can print the image in color, but it will no longer be an engineer's print and it will cost significantly more. Good luck with it!

Oh dang it! :( Well thanks for responding!

I just did this, and it turned out awesome! Thanks for the tutorial!

Taylor: My local office max does architect prints in color and black and white, they said they just got a new printer that not all stores have, and the new machine prints at a higher DPI and is capable of color... Maybe you could call around and see if a store near you has the newer printer?

Oh! And color or black and white was 65 cents per square foot around here

Awesome! Thank you for the update, Ashley!

Thanks for the great tutorial. I read lots of tutorials and they either have skipped steps, lack products used, or decent pictures. You get an A+++. I (and many others) thank you for your time and effort to put a long post like this together so we can be successful at this type of project also!!!

For the hanging process you could "carve " out a small 1 inch long narrow area for a nail or screw to "fit" in on the backside of the foam board Just be sure not to go to deep as to go through the photo.. This is how the professional version prints are done to hang on the wall.

Hi Mandy,

Good to know about all these tips! I didn't know they had that foam board at the home improvement stores. I'm excited about making some prints of my own!

Thanks so much for this post. I plan to make one in the next week!!!

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