February 23, 2012

Keyboard Vinyl Letter Stickers

A little post about Keyboard Vinyl Letter Stickers, but first some pretty pictures...

I pinned this beautiful keyboard from Her New Leaf:
  She got her inspiration from MiniFanFan - also super cute:

But in both those examples they used washi tape which was see-through enough to let the letters on the keys see through.  And let's look at why I would pin pretty keyboard pictures to begin with - my lame keyboard looks like this:

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mind too much the missing letters - it boosts my ego and pride of my expert typing ability.   But then there's this little gal, who wanted to start a blog:
I opened a word document and now she can write stories and import pictures and enjoy the world of blogging in a pre-blogging way.  So she's all "where's A?" and I'm all, "just look on the keyboard, it's there" - until then I didn't even realize the letters were rubbing off.

But she kind of caught on to the missing letters, although I think it slows her down.  So I forgot about them again - until my parents spent time at our house to watch the kids while we were basking the Hawaiian Sun and my dad wondered "how can you type on that keyboard - it's missing letters!" - I told him he's supposed to just know where they're at.

But then a few days later, when I'd think of any excuse to do something besides what I should be doing (cleaning, laundry, painting cabinet doors....) I ran down and printed a quick alphabet out of vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo.  And bam, fixed.

You saw the before - - here's the big "AFTER" reveal - -

Super awesome, I know.  Not near as cute as those washi tape ones though - - if anyone makes one of those, I want to see pictures!

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Oh, the washi tape ones are adorable but not super functional for someone learning to type well. Love your solution.

How cool! Can you feel the letters when you type? The washi tape ones are super cute but would probably wear off with all of the typing I do...LOL!

oh that's a great idea. I like yours a tad better, because it's simple. I love the others because they are cute, but I wouldn't want to use them like that! :)

That's a cool idea! I could definitely use that at work where things are pretty much blah... Not sure I could get away with it... But I think it's work a try! haha. Changing things around I see.. I likes!

Hmmm...not sure I know what washi tape is, but I like yours and theirs!!

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