February 27, 2012

Miss Mandy Bag - teaser

So I've been posting about my SoYouThinkYou'reCrafty entries the week after they are in the competition - so today I should be posting a tutorial about the Miss Mandy Bag.

BUT, I am still working on making a pattern for it, so this won't be a tutorial post....but I still want to talk about the bag I love!!

Let me start with a story.  I was at walmart and saw a lady with a bag that I loved from a distance.  But I'm not one to talk to people I don't know, so I just admired it from afar.  But then I kept thinking and thinking about it, trying to work myself up to talk to her - but I couldn't!  So I went about my shopping.  THEN, when checking out, the lady with the bag happen to be talking to someone I knew - perfect, my IN.  So I went to say hi to the person I knew and somehow worked in a way to ask the lady if I could take a picture of her bag:
Awesome, right?  It's a Vera Bradley bag and can be found HERE: (I can't seem to grab the image from their site).  So it was inspiration with the piping on the front - but even thought I like the looks of a flap, I knew I didn't want it because I love to just drop things right into my bags.  So I came up with the features I wanted and got to work.

First up, picking fabric - this might have been the hardest part - I can never decide!! I had it narrowed down to these three and finally ended up with the one on the left.  When I first got all the Amy Butler Soul Blossoms as a 1/2 yard bundle, I thought this particular one was SUPER ugly - like "when am I ever going to use that?!?".  But it's grown on me because now I love it.  Funny how fabric taste changes....

Speaking of the fabric, I was actually on top of things and remembered to line up the pattern - so professional.  See the bag of my bag, all aligned and centered perfectly:

So to brag, I think I really did a good job with my sewing.  I thought "wow, I can actually sew!!" - my most favorite part is the detail on the front made with piping -
That front panel is actually a pocket - one side is for my phone and the other for my keys --
I used a thrift store belt for the metal circle details - I think adding those instead of just sewing the handle directly to the bag makes it a little more professional:
I pulled over at an old building on the way home from gymnastics and had my preschooler take a few action shots of the bag in use - she's getting better at the camera:
 I really really love my bag!! I show it off to everyone with a "hey, did you see my AWESOME bag - I MADE it - REALLY!!" - people probably think I'm a bit strange....but I really love it!

Pattern to come, hopefully soon......

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19 Fabulous Comments:

Gorgeous bag! I can't wait for the pattern. I will definitely make one. I love the piping!

I know that feeling... When you just made something new and feel like you can sew anything now! Your bag actually looks hard enough that you CAN sew anything now... Not like my easy projects... haha. You're right, the hoops really show some extra effort!

Wow so in love with the bag. I was going to make one for myself then thought...do I really need it..

Love the bag! Fabric is perfect. My kids gave me a Vera Bradley bag and wallet for my b'day last year. I had no idea who that was or what it meant;-}

Adorable! Love it!


I love that bag! I admire how you saw something you liked and made it into something that was perfect for your needs.

love, love, love, love, love, LOVE This bag! So cute!!! Totally impressed!

Can't wait to see the pattern, it looks awesome!!! You did an amazing job!!!

This bag is Amazing! I went right out to look for the perfect fabric to make one for myself as soon as I saw it! Can't wait for the pattern!

I love your bag also ~ just awesome! I am looking forward to the pattern ~ I have been wanting to make a new bag and this one is lovely. : ) hugs, mb

What a fantastic bag! I've got some of that fabric too!

I think your Miss Mandy bag looks awesome! I'm the same way when it comes to talking to people I don't know. Way to go on getting a photo of her bag.



A very nice bag. I'm imagining that it is quite fiddly and I wouldn't have the patience for it but it does look good

I voted for this bag!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

Mandy, that's an AWESOME bag and the piping detail totally stands out and makes you look twice! I LOVE IT! I'm so glad you took a picture of your inspiration bag and snuck on over to say hi to her!

in LOVE this bag!!! Will you make me one? My sewing skills are seriously not at this level!

I love your Mandy bag! I enjoy making bags as gifts for friends and family. I look forward to your pattern!

I love the bag. I am trying to make bags for the local animal shelter sale so am looking for different tutorials to help.

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