Ode to Kimbo

Did you see THIS – ah, sweet victory :)

Seriously yesterday I thought, “welp, she’s winning this  – I can’t make up a 10 point spread in a day” – but then I caught up in the afternoon, and we were neck and neck for a while….

And then all you night owls kicked into gear because I had a huge follower surge at the end – so thank you thank you.

But now you’d better head over and follow Kimbo – – as Kate told me the other day “All this hype, now I desperately want to follow her” but I told her she had to wait til Feb – – so now the floodgates can open, and all of you can go see what the fun is about.  Like…

A Whole LIST of things to make using hot glue (sounds easy!!)
 Such as a camera strap (who would have thought you could make one no-sew!)

Or things to sew like her infamous jean aprons:

And one of my all-time favorites (guess I should probably make one instead of continuing to remark at its genius) the stuffed animal turned fun scarf:

I’ve been following A Girl and A Glue Gun since she competed on SoYouThinkYou’reCrafty the season before me – see her stuff HERE., like those pom poms made out of plastic cups…

And now we’re going head-to-head this season – we’re only a few votes apart (in 2nd and 3rd place – Jessica with Running With Scissors has 1st place in the bag) – AGAAGG is going strong with this fab entry:

I can’t decide on a song to send her out with…taunt her with “We are the Champions”??  That “Loser” song??  Or just one to rival the Barry Manalow rendition of Mandy….IS there a song about “Kim” -hmmmmmmm

So anyways, join in on the fun over A Girl and A Glue Gun

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