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(remember, each week I try to give you a look into the non-crafty side of life…)

A fewweeks ago I put on a Photography Workshop – I’m just now getting around to blogging about it — but it was so much fun!!  I just love taking pictures and want to let everyone know that they can learn to work their camera and get great pictures.

But of course I spent the class telling everyone that you need natural light to take great pictures – and then I forgot to take a picture of everyone until the end, when it’s dark out –

Before I show you more pictures from then, just a heads up if you want to get to know your camera better:

–my group was given the Photo Essentials book by Katie Evans – it’s a great go-to reference to keep in your camera bag about how to use your camera.  you can get it for only $6.
She also has an in-depth book, The Key to Taking Pictures, for $35, which I’ve reviewed and think is a great informative read.

–I have also reviewed Say No to Auto by Kristen Duke and it makes a great go-to reference for your camera bag as well – it’s $10.  She just came out with a new book, Get Focused,, for $12, which is aimed for those of you who are comfortable in your camera settings and are ready to take your photography to another level.  It sounds great as well.

Also, if you are interested in learning more about your camera, I may do another Photography workshop in the spring.

Anyways, everyone was great to ignore my torn-apart kitchen (it was in the midst of repainting cabinets) and construction zone back yard (you know, the playhouse….).  We covered tons of info on basics, and camera settings, and photoshop, and even went outside to take a few pictures.  Several people went from full auto to full manual settings, so it was a challenge, but everyone did great!

 These were sent to my by Jill so I just had to share them – thanks again!

My daughter modeled and everyone practiced taking pictures.  It was pretty chilly so we didn’t stay out long.  I took one of her also, to show that you can think outside the box – I completely cut her head off on purpose – I love how it bring the focus in on her life as a 7 year old – leaves stuck to her socks, a hole starting in the knee of her pants, hair tie around her wrist, flaking off nail polish, etc

It was super super fun!!  Thanks everyone!!

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    I was thinking about taking a workshop myself…You’ve convinced me! And thanks so much for linking up to Monday Mingle last week. I hope you’ll join us again!

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    Thanks for hosting the workshop, it truly was amazing!! I no longer use manual for anything. It is very tricky at times, but I’m trying to always say no. It was fun to meet you and the other girls and come out of my comfort zone for a few hours. Thanks again!!

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