Photo Glimpses – Pinewood Derby

(remember, each week I give a quick glimpse into the non-crafty side of life…)
This past weekend was the Pinewood Derby – not too many pictures because I only stayed for the first heat and Trevor was involved in helping with the event.  There were lots of fun cars:

 My son’s was the silver one with green vinyl (this is when crafting tools like the Cameo turn cool in a 9 yr old’s eyes – I cut out zig zags, a number, and his name pinstripe on the side)

 The kids watching in the crowd – do you like how my daughter has to have her camera everywhere? – wonder where she got that from….

So, enough suspense yet?  Wondering the results??  Remember the Tips for a Fast Pinewood Derby Car?

Well, they worked!  He came in first place overall in the whole pack and is super excited – now he gets to participate in Districts!

 Oh, and I busted out the vinyl on the trophies this year (the edge you can’t see says “2012”) – we went again with a matchbox car painted, stuck to a wood base – they’re a hit!!

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    I was a Cub Scout and Webelos den leader and the Pinewood Derby was always a hoot! Now I’m an Asst. Scoutmaster (how did I get talked into THAT?) and we help run them for the Cubbies. Glad to see your son and family are involved in scouting!

    Found your blog via Stacy Sews blog, by the way!

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