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Hello Sugar Bee Crafts readers!

Last month we talked about changing your perspective and one lovely lady took advantage of the challenge I gave you and sent me this adorable picture:

This was taken by Amy from Nap Time Crafters.
Super super cute.
And a perfect example on changing perspective and mixing up your picture style!
Today I want to talk about LOCATIONS!
Of course the subjects in your pictures are very important…
But the location can add SO much character to your images.
Location can also say so much about the family/children/couple/person you are taking pictures of.
I love when a client comes to me with a specific location in mind, a place that they love and have a connection with.
But more often than not the person taking the pictures needs to come up with the location.
This is another area where you need to think outside the box.
Even when you don’t have any session planned, keep your eyes out for good spots for your future picture taking.
Sometimes the spots you like are in the least expected places.
For example, on this day I had a session scheduled at a specific location and the plan was to meet the family at that location but traffic was horrible and if we wanted to shoot under prime light we needed to pick a closer location… and fast.  We picked a closer city and (while the family was still stuck in traffic) I drove around like a crazy person looking for locations.
Then I saw it.
It was an ugly abandoned lot with several broken down buildings but there were several spots on the lot that would be perfect for backdrops, so we did it there.
It was an unexpected location, but it worked out.
You can also contact local photographers and many of them will be happy to tell you some spots that they love.
This is a location (with a barn, field, and grass) that SO MANY photographers shoot at in my area.  A lot of clients request it. 
My sister got her engagements taken there 20 years ago and it’s still a great spot for pictures!

Sometimes you might see the perfect barn, field, or building that you want to shoot at but it appears to be on private property.  In that case, you maybe want to just contact the owner to save yourself from being kicked off someone’s property.  If you love it, you might as well ask.  I don’t think I’ve ever had someone say “no” after me asking to take some pictures on their property, but if they do, move on and find another spot. :)

These were both someone’s property and both places clients wanted their sessions.

Some other options… Old buildings (brick, wood, etc), fields, buildings with bright fun walls, railroad stations, mountains, bridges, trails, vintage cars, parks, playgrounds, carnivals, houses, orchards, and even backyards!

Look for color.  Look for character.  Look for texture.
You’d be surprised at how many great places there are to take pictures,
If you just take the time to find them.
Keep your eyes open.
During the month of February…..
Find some new locations, take some pictures and send me a one!
I’d love to share it next time!
e-mail it to:
And in the meantime, be sure to visit me at The Dancing Toad Blog!

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