Photo Valentine’s

I’m normally just up for buying cheesy store valentine’s, but photo ones are so easy I just decided to do them last minute – and they turned out so cute!  I know the big day is tomorrow, but really, these came together so fast!

First up, the LEGO one – my 9 year old thought this up himself – pretty genius! So first he built a heart with legos then I took a picture of it, like so:

 Then I edited it by cropping it in tight and adding the words “You have a piece of my heart”.  Then put 2 on a 4×6 size and had them printed at Walmart 1 hour photo:

Picked them up, cut them apart.  Then he used glue dots to stick a lego piece on each one – – -

Next up the girls.  I took these pictures the day after we got back from Hawaii so they wanted to wear their Hawaii stuff – all the more fun.  I busted out the background paper and took their picture pretending to blow a kiss.  Then I edited the picture to add hearts like they are blowing out like kisses. I saw a similar idea over at The Idea Room.  I also edited them for 2 to fit on  a 4×6 picture and printed them at 1 hour photo.

 Then using glue dots they stuck on Hershey Kisses, so it’s playing on the whole “blow a kiss” theme:

They LOVED working on them:

I was all done at that point then realized my toddler would probably feel left out, so I quickly snapped a picture of him in his robot heart shirt.  I photo-edited on the words “you push all my buttons” – and again, fitted 2 on a 4×6 picture:

 his didn’t get anything glued to them, but he still LOVED them and carries them everywhere:

 So really, you still have time to crank these out – have fun!!

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    Super easy and super fun. What editor did you use? I tried to do some Christmas cards on Photobucket and I wasn’t happy with the prints I received – the colors were off and the print looked cheap. Thanks for the ideas and advice! – Jess

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