February 20, 2012

Quote Wall Art - SYTYC week 3

Alright, as mentioned it's on to week 4 of SoYouThinkYou'reCrafty - head over there to vote!  Mine is the..Miss Mandy Bag

From last week, here's the super extended version of the post, including tutorial and tips, for you, my lovely readers:

"LOVE" is such a broad theme!!  My project isn't too lovey-dovey (trevor said I should have sewn up some "intimate apparel") but it's something I wanted to make.  My goal in craft competitions is to not just craft for the sake of crafting but to actually make things I'll want and use. I have been wanting to make a Quote Wall Art for awhile now, so this was just the push I needed to get it done.

I learned some tricks along the way and am happy with the final results - I love the wood showing through - it matches the stain on my bedroom dressers and the color of "gecko" is an accent color in my room.

So first up, get a board.  I bought mine at Lowes and it was cheap - $11 for a 4x8 sheet.  It was the step down from plywood underlayment - not sure what it's called.  I had them cut it into pieces - makes it easier to transport, and ready for crafting.  I went with 2 3x4 boards and one 2x4 board.  This one is 3x4.
 Then I rubbed gel stain all over it and set it in the sun to dry (with a jug on it so it wouldn't blow away).  The stain is the same stain that I used to redo my bedroom dressers, so it matches.

 Next up, cut out letters.  I used my Cameo machine.  Depending on how cheap-o you are, I have a tip to use contact paper.  I use it for projects like this where the vinyl would get thrown away in the end.  But heads up, it's hard to see cause it's clear and you may curse it a few times.  But compared to vinyl, a roll of contact paper is so cheap!

Anyways, put the letters where you want them.  Now, prepare to be wowed - paint over the letters with mod podge.  Wha??  Well, all stickers will have some seeping, and I wanted a nice crisp outline.  So painting all the outlines with mod podge will let the mod podge seep under - but it's clear, so no big deal.  Then when you paint the color on, it can't seep under because the mod podge took care of that.  Genius, right??

I painted on a couple coats of color then let it dry overnight.

I wan't sure the mod podge would work.  I prepped mentally for a craft fail because I was skeptical.  I've done this type of thing before, but the letters underneath were painted to I touched them up with paint.  Since this time I wanted the wood to show through, there was no backup plan to touch up with paint.  Even Trevor tried to prep me "you know, this font you picked has some pretty skinny sections...." - yeah, I know.

But then wowza, I amazed even myself!  look at that!!

It just peeled right up, so crisp!!
 Seriously, see that skinny line of perfection:
 Now, in full disclosure, there were a couple of spots with a little bleeding - this here was the worst - still not too bad, and this was the exception, not the rule, so I didn't mind.  I think I just not have had the letters pressed down good right here:

 I don't have a complete picture with it hanging on the wall, so you'll have to imagine - it'll go beside the tall dresser and bring color to that side of the room.  I'm leaving for Hawaii in less than 18 hours - I need to be packing, not hanging up wall art, crazy priorities.
But just so you know, I plan on hanging it with the same method that I used on the photo wall art I did last year, where it floats out from the wall:
And here's a few pictures from the room to see how it will fit in to the overall look - the jewelry armoire is on one side of the room and this sign will be on the other...

The quote is from a song that was used on our wedding video - - who know's it???

Here's hoping for your vote!!  

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I absolutely love this! The color is amazing and it makes me want a cameo really badly now;) Great job!

Katie @ Little Becky Homecky

I love this! I have no idea what the quote is from though! Guess I have to start doing more work with my cameo.

love this...i've been wanting to try this technique on my cedar chest! thanks for trying it out and getting the kinks out lol!

'Falling even more in love with you, letting go of all I held onto...' That song?? :) I really love how big it is! Definitely a statement piece!

SUCH a smart tip about the modpodge to help with the paint bleeding. I never would have thought of that! Also, you can buy contact paper in colors other than clear, so that it's both cheaper and easy to see. I buy the wood grain pattern because it shows up well on both light and dark surfaces -- like you said, great for projects where it's just a stencil!

Wow it looks awesome! I love it! I just made some quote wall art but using Illustrator! I think it's such a fun easy way to decorate! :)

That is an inGENIUS way of using the contact paper modpodge dealy-o! If my machine wasn't broken, I would soooo do that.

That's so cool...and so much more personal than a pretty picture of flowers or something generic like that. I like the color story you have happening too!

This is going on my "projects to-do" list! Thanks for sharing!

Love this tip! Did you paint the whole length of the board with mod podge or just the edges of each letter?

Just the edges of the letters - no need to do the whole board, but it wouldn't hurt anything

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