Shamrock Heart Hairclips

You probably saw this coming from a mile away – – but yep, I made shamrock heart hairclips:

because if you look close, a shamrock is just 3 or 4 (depends what kind of clover you’re after) hearts hooked together, so it was perfect to use my heart flower tutorial and just use green felt instead of red/pink:

So just use that link above for the tutorial – only use 4 petals in the flower instead of 5.  Super cute, super easy.  Spice up and add green to any hairdo :)

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  1. says

    Hi Mandy!!

    I absolutely adore these hair pins!!! I love how you can make them with so many different themes!!! Just discovered your blog and I adore it!!! Also really like the design of your blog!!

    love K


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