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Hello my name is Angelina and I blog over at Ruby Jean’s I would LOVE for you to stop by and visit.. I also host a Weekly Linky Party called…
I am so VERY thrilled to be here with you today and have enjoyed looking through all the Wonderful Creativity that everyone has shared… It was so VERY difficult to even choose the ones that I did… Being that you guys REALLY out did yourselves this week…
I found it VERY difficult to not just be drawn to all the Wonderful Valentine Crafts ( since it’s right around the corner ) so I made sure to look at EACH linky Post… YIKES that was a lot of work…
Okay Now I didn’t say I was going to AVOID Valentine Projects… Just that I wouldn’t pick those only…. LOL!!!
( No Specific Order Here )
Here is a Beautiful Valentines Card from Sandy’s Space be sure to stop in as she has others to share
Oh and am I ever In LOVE with this BEAUTIFUL cabinet from Bungalow 47 you have got to stop in and see the Before…
HHHMMM!!!! I wonder if she would give it to me since I picked it as a Feature… Well one can dream.. :)
And how about these Tasty BEAUTIES from Family Ever After and they even come with a Recipe… YIKES!!!… So be sure to stop in a Grab it…
Okay I think I am beginning to get a SWEET TOOTH how about you?? Go check out these ADORABLE Brownie Bites over at…
Now getting back to the Healthier side of life.. How about this delicious Homemade Yogurt… I have ALWAYS wanted to try this but just never have…. Well now I know where to go and get some… :) over at Babblings and More
Now tell me… Doesn’t this just sound SO Exotically WONDERFUL…. Moroccan Tagine Soup… And it even comes with a Recipe so you can bring Morocco to you… So stop in over at Let Birds Fly if you want to bring some FLAVOR into your life
Okay where do I sign up…?? I am in some SERIOUS need of help when it comes to CAKE MAKING… If your like me find some Helpful hints over at Meaningful Mama
Okay now this is just TOO TOO SWEET!!! It also comes with a Great Tutorial so you can make one yourself just in time for Valentine….Find it over at…
And this one is just AMAZING!!! I LOVE experiments… So this is CERTAINLY on my list of MUST Try’s if you would like to try Making Glue out of Milk stop over at… Science Sparks to get the instructions
And last and CERTAINLY not least we have these ADORABLE Mock Cross STITCH Patterns… You will NEVER think you can’t Cross Stitch ever again… Or if you do Cross Stitch you’ll be happy to hear a SHORT CUT was just Invented…. Go take a peek over at..
>Hating Martha to get the How To!!!
Well that’s it folks….I hope you have enjoyed seeing my picks for this week…
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here with you and thank you so much Mandy for having me… :)

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