Snack Time!! with Zbars

My kiddos are HUGE into snacks.  Mainly my preschooler.  Right after finishing lunch she’ll ask “can I have a snack” – um, how about just more lunch?!?  She probably asks for snacks 50 times a day – so silly!

So when I was contact by Clif bar about some organic snack food for kids, of course I wanted to give it a try.

There are 3 main types, Clif Kid ZBar, ZBar Crispy, and Clif Kid Zfruit.

One day when the neighbor kids were over I busted out a bunch of samples so I could get everyone’s opinions….

They got rave reviews – – I tried to ask for specifics, but all I heard was “these are delicious” “mmm, SO good” and “I love them!” – – so they were a big hit with all ages.

I even had one myself, the new iced oatmeal cookie bar:

Wowza, it was so good.  I think I was expecting it to taste bland since it’s organic, but it was really really good – soft and delicious.  I would for sure grab it again.
Here’s more info about it to make you drool:
New flavor alert! Meet CLIF Kid Organic Zbar Iced Oatmeal Cookie! The home-baked taste of classic oatmeal cookies with cinnamon and vanilla, blended into organic whole grain oats and topped with a drizzle of white icing…available now at stores nationwide. Just head over to our store locator and select “CLIF Kid Zbar” to find a store near you.

I can’t tell what the kids liked best – nothing was left, so all of it must have been great.

Browing the Clif Bar website, I saw that they have a PDF for healthy tips for kids - how handy is that??  You can even get a free pamphlet version of it mailed to you – bonus!

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  1. says

    Hi Mandy!
    I used to feed my kids Clif bars too. They loved them and I loved the thought of giving them healthy organic snacks. I just threw away every Clif bar for kids we had in the house.
    I am not sure if you have seen the headlines, but Clif bars for kids are made with brown rice syrup…in fact, it is the second ingredient in the bars, which means it contains high levels of brown rice syrup. If you are like me, you probably think..brown rice=healthy.
    However, google brown rice syrup, or Clif bars and arsenic and you will see the uproar over the levels of arsenic that have been found in organic baby formulas and kids Clif bars.
    Just thought you may want to know before you put this in your beautiful children’s bodies. I am not a health food nut but I am also not a fan of putting arsenic in my kid’s bodies.
    You can read more about the dangers of arsenic here:

  2. says

    my kids also love cliff bars but like Rachel, I stopped feeding them to my kids, as well as gluten and soy. We have seen amazing changes in there overall health, energy level, concentration and ability to calm themselves. My oldest daughter has had problems with digestion and removing the gluten has dramatically changed that. She is now having regular bowel movements that don’t hurt her, prior to removing gluten, she was in pain for days and only having bowel movements every 7-10 days. I hear parents commenting all the time about their child’s digestion… Gluten is NOT meant to be in our diets. we don’t know how to digest it properly.

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