WIWW – chevron skirt tights??

Well, I was on vacation all last week, basking in the sun of beautiful Hawaii, so you’ll have to let me slide on not taking WIWW pictures.  But I did snap a quick one this past Sunday after church.

Since it was the Sunday before Valentine’s, I wanted to wear my new red chevron skirt. But then I realized a problem – it’s cold!  So I didn’t know what to do.  I first thought of the fall-back, hose, but everyone always says no to hose and praises tights, so I thought I’d give tights a try:

I’m still a little unsure – -

first off, can you wear tights with peep-toe shoes??  They’re the only red shoes I have, and I thought the whole outfit needed red shoes for sure.  But I didn’t know if there was some rule about no tights if you can see the toes….

the gray tights needed balanced, so I went with the gray sweater thing.  It has a weird drape so I belted it but that did make the outfit a bit bulky around my hips which isn’t the best look

I thought I needed red up top so I went with a necklace, but is a necklace and belt too much?

Anyways, here’s a side-by-side of a couple of ways to wear the skirt – the winter (with tights) version and the spring (bare legs) version:

So let’s hear it – – thoughts!?!?

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    I like the spring version much better! I think the tights are too much with the skirt, and I think the grey sweater has too much bulk to it for the belt. Good try though! I need to start putting more thought into my outfits again. Motherhood has sucked the fashion right out of my life! hehehe

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    I agree with Sara – the tights and sweater are a miss. Too dark and I personally do not like tights with open-toe shoes. The spring version is WAAAAYYYY better. That one I love!

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    I think maybe you need a simple black top, basic black tights and black shoes with that skirt if you want to wear it in winter.
    Or maybe black tights and black tall boots?

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    I like the spring outfit MUCH better. But I don’t think that means that tights are out of the question altogether. I agree with Carolyn. Maybe try some solid color tights. I would actually tend to make everything (other than the skirt) a solid color.

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    Hi, first time commenter!

    Can’t wait to see Hawaii pics :)

    And… you’re brave to ask for comments on your clothes but since you asked ;) I would wear the skirt in spring only – it’s happy and summery in my view.

    BUT if you did want to wear it in winter, then pair with dark tights and boots, or a solid toe shoe.

    I don’t think peep toes work with tights. It also may be the heel of your red shoes that don’t seem like they work with the skirt?

    Take all of this with a HUGE pinch of salt as I’m not a fashion plate at all :)

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    Your shoes are definitely summer looking, pairing them with thick tights is not a good look. Patterned grey tights with the busy skirt is not a good look. I think you should have worn a snugger fitting sweater instead of the draped one. Save those for tighter legged pants.

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    What’s the problem with hose again? I know I didnt wear them when I was a teenager, but I’m pretty sure they are ok for adults! I got to see this outfit in person, and I didnt think anything of it, except that your skirt was cute, so I think you are fine regardless of what you wear with about 95% of the population:) My only 2 cents is that I think if you would have worn boots, or black closed toed shoes, it would have felt a bit less weird:) You always look cute Mandy, no matter what you are wearing!

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    Okay, Mandy, you know me, I’ll tell you my opinion because you asked for it. Although you have MANY darling outfits and look fantastic in almost all of them, please remove this skirt from your wardrobe. It is a totally eye-catching optical illusion and I can’t handle it. You wouldn’t want to be responsible for a traffic accident, now, would you? ;-) ♥♥

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    First let me tell you that you look fabulous in everything you put on! Now comes the not so sweet comments…I would save that beautiful skirt you made for spring & summer only. It’s too bright for winter or maybe pair it with a pretty white or red sweater. I think the sweater is too cute to wear a belt with it. Maybe the belt is just too thin. Maybe a thicker belt? The shoes look summery so not a good match with the tights. Maybe pair the skirt with solid tights and closed toed shoes. I think you’re right about the belt and necklace. Just one or the other but not both. I feel so bad leaving these comments but you are toooooo cute and I want you to look that way every day!! :0) I LOVE your blog and read every day. Sorry I don’t get to leave comments every day but know that I am here reading and will comment when I can. Thanks for all the inspiration! Hugs!!!

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    I disagree with those who said the skirt is too bright for winter. Winter needs a little bright and cheery! I think if you had non patterned tights and different shoes it would have been a complete hit. Keep mixing it up and giving me ideas. I wore a skinny belt over my cardigan for the first time the other day. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    I think the skirt works great for any season, but I would wear black, closed-toe shoes or boots for winter with the tights. And maybe a black sweater or a black or white shell and a black leather jacket. With such a strong pattern on the skirt, let it shine with simple pieces around it. Your skirt is so great, by the way!

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    I love tights! Love! I think the tights are totally fun but peep toe and tights…mmm…no! I would have done black or gray shoes or boots! I think just like make up you should focas or choose on area. Ie the eyes or the lip. The same in dressing. Have one crazy cute focas peace…and keep everything else calm. Just say’n!!

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