WIWW – Denim Shirt

About a year ago Kate called from Walmart to say she was picking up a denim shirt for me because they’re back in style and it was on clearance for $1 – – love having a personal shopper looking out for great deals.

Anyways, I never know quite what to do with it, but then I saw a blogger (Abbie, 5 days 5 ways) who had the same exact shirt (I think so does Daybook blog) and she wore it with a pair of trouser jeans, so the denim was dark on bottom to balance the shirt.

So I tried it – she had tucked hers in by my trouser jeans are pretty tight, plus the belt is super small and won’t buckle that low on my body, so I went for untucked and belted around the top.  I wore those gold boots to match the goldish belt:

 Are you noticing my new infinity scarf??  It was sent by OohBabyInfinity and it’s so comfy and soft.  Think of a super cozy tshirt you have – it’s like that.   The edge is serged which gives it a scalloped edge.  I wore it wrapped around 3 times, but after seeing my sister-in-law wear one wrapped twice with a little more drape, I think I’ll do that next time.

 I got the mustard one and here’s a view of it wrapped with a longer drape, from their shop:

Infinity scarf mustard winter fashion

So check out OohBabyInfinity – the prices are real reasonable (that one is $12) – plus you can use code BEEZ for 10% off  – score!

Now – back to the denim shirt.  In Hawaii I got a cute dress, kind of Hawaiian-ish.  But it’s cold here.  But since I just got it I still wanted to wear it to church.  I wore it with my boots, a thick brown belt, and my denim shirt – the dress is short-sleeved, and the denim shirt seemed a better choice than a white cardigan.  I wore my boot socks, but I’m not sure that was the best idea now that I look at this picture. 

So let’s hear it – – thought on the denim shirt???

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  1. says

    Outfit #1… I think if you had on a colored tank that was a little longer so it peaked out below the denim shirt it would look better. Love it with the dress but loose the socks…

    What I really love about you is your absolute honesty. I’m not sure I could post pictures of myself and ask for opinions… OH MY…

  2. says

    I really like the shirt with the dress (sans boot socks). Thats an adorable outfit. Not a huge fan of the first outfit though.

    I had a great time yesterday, I’m glad we got to come! So much for hoping Gabe would fall asleep on the way home – he screamed the whole way. haha.

  3. says

    Denim shirts have always seemed more relaxed to me… As in perhaps the denim shirt over a brightly colored under shirt with the dark jeans… The dress and boots outfit is cute, but seems like it could use a softer cover up… Don’t give it up though!! I really like the shirt itself.

  4. says

    I am so excited that you are embracing your new spelling of DENIM. I was one of the ones who noticed you had grown up with “denium” Look at you embracing the change!! Go denim!

  5. says

    I’m with Liz. I’ve been thinking about you the whole of last week – i think you’re so brave to post pics in your clothes and ask opinions!!!

    I love the dress but not with socks (I believe socks are to be hidden) :)

  6. says

    The shirt is adorable! I love the first look, but agree with other commenters…maybe a longer tank underneath, an unexpected pop of color, would really look cute. I don’t love the shirt with the dress. It hides your adorable figure!

    You are such a brave woman, posing to show your outfits to the world! I would have a cow!

  7. says

    I’m going with everybody else on how brave you are to ask for feedback, Mandy! That’s HARD. I usually just put it out there and don’t ask. : )

    You look great, friend!

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