February 22, 2012

WIWW - Denim Shirt

About a year ago Kate called from Walmart to say she was picking up a denim shirt for me because they're back in style and it was on clearance for $1 - - love having a personal shopper looking out for great deals.

Anyways, I never know quite what to do with it, but then I saw a blogger (Abbie, 5 days 5 ways) who had the same exact shirt (I think so does Daybook blog) and she wore it with a pair of trouser jeans, so the denim was dark on bottom to balance the shirt.

So I tried it - she had tucked hers in by my trouser jeans are pretty tight, plus the belt is super small and won't buckle that low on my body, so I went for untucked and belted around the top.  I wore those gold boots to match the goldish belt:
 Are you noticing my new infinity scarf??  It was sent by OohBabyInfinity and it's so comfy and soft.  Think of a super cozy tshirt you have - it's like that.   The edge is serged which gives it a scalloped edge.  I wore it wrapped around 3 times, but after seeing my sister-in-law wear one wrapped twice with a little more drape, I think I'll do that next time.
 I got the mustard one and here's a view of it wrapped with a longer drape, from their shop:
Infinity scarf mustard winter fashion

So check out OohBabyInfinity - the prices are real reasonable (that one is $12) - plus you can use code BEEZ for 10% off  - score!

Now - back to the denim shirt.  In Hawaii I got a cute dress, kind of Hawaiian-ish.  But it's cold here.  But since I just got it I still wanted to wear it to church.  I wore it with my boots, a thick brown belt, and my denim shirt - the dress is short-sleeved, and the denim shirt seemed a better choice than a white cardigan.  I wore my boot socks, but I'm not sure that was the best idea now that I look at this picture. 
So let's hear it - - thought on the denim shirt???

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15 Fabulous Comments:

I had my doubts when you said denim shirt, but I love how you accessorized it! Looks good!

I do like it much better with the dress than the jeans!!!! Super cute :) :) Although I think you may be right about the "boot socks"..... Great job!

Outfit #1... I think if you had on a colored tank that was a little longer so it peaked out below the denim shirt it would look better. Love it with the dress but loose the socks...

What I really love about you is your absolute honesty. I'm not sure I could post pictures of myself and ask for opinions... OH MY...

I love that mustard colored scarf! It's really cute & I am loving the cowgirl look with the boots! :)

Mandy that dress is Super Cute! Yeah, as much as I love boot socks, I think they’re a bit much... maybe some simple tights.
You’re super cute as always! =)

I really like the shirt with the dress (sans boot socks). Thats an adorable outfit. Not a huge fan of the first outfit though.

I had a great time yesterday, I'm glad we got to come! So much for hoping Gabe would fall asleep on the way home - he screamed the whole way. haha.

Denim shirts have always seemed more relaxed to me... As in perhaps the denim shirt over a brightly colored under shirt with the dark jeans... The dress and boots outfit is cute, but seems like it could use a softer cover up... Don't give it up though!! I really like the shirt itself.

I prefer it with the dress over the pants but I am funny about mixed denim. Love the infinity scraft!!!

I agree with Shannah. I have always been in firm believer that mixing denim is a big no-no. But I love the top. Here's an idea for next time: http://pinterest.com/pin/223420831483812204/

i love how you styled the denim top! so cute.

I am so excited that you are embracing your new spelling of DENIM. I was one of the ones who noticed you had grown up with "denium" Look at you embracing the change!! Go denim!

i think you did a great job styling the shirt - i love the first outfit with the belt. It looks great! and for $1? that is awesome!

I'm with Liz. I've been thinking about you the whole of last week - i think you're so brave to post pics in your clothes and ask opinions!!!

I love the dress but not with socks (I believe socks are to be hidden) :)

The shirt is adorable! I love the first look, but agree with other commenters...maybe a longer tank underneath, an unexpected pop of color, would really look cute. I don't love the shirt with the dress. It hides your adorable figure!

You are such a brave woman, posing to show your outfits to the world! I would have a cow!

I'm going with everybody else on how brave you are to ask for feedback, Mandy! That's HARD. I usually just put it out there and don't ask. : )

You look great, friend!

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