February 1, 2012

WIWW - Gray and turquoise

Apparently I've been on a Gray and Turquoise kick lately - I didn't even realize it until I was looking through pictures...

First, this may sound like a commerical, but do you keep up with Pick Your Plum? They're a daily deal site and when they had these ruffle scarves for $8, I bought 3.  This is the gray one, so I wore my gray boots - I think the big earrings stepped up the whole look a notch.

And speaking of Pick Your Plum, I got this black lace shirt there for cheap as well (and the white undershirt, come to think of it - - maybe I check their site TOO often....) - I like how it's a little out of my comfort zone, but not too crazy.  I'm thinking of going out on a limb next time and wearing a colored shirt under it instead of a while one - we'll see.
 Recently GAP had a 40% off their clearance sale and I grabbed this strip shirt for super cheap - a few dollars.  I thought I needed to have a few more striped things since almost all I own are plain solid color shirts.  Again with the pop of turquoise:
 And so of course, what do I wear to church?  Gray and Turquoise.  Can you see a peek of my tights - they're wild fishnets. They'd be crazy looking if you could see more of my legs, but since it's just a peek I think it's fun.
So, do you have a fun color combo I need to try??  Apparently I'm in a rut....

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Okay, Mandy, this top outfit is your best ever - imho, of course! Love it - and actually all of those. I really like that color combination!

Maybe it is me begging for spring but I am loving green and navy or even navy and tangerine right now!

I'm loving your striped outfit!! May have to re-create that one!! :)

I've been wearing a LOT of gray lately too! Too funny! I LOVE Pick Your Plum!! They always have the best deals! :)

And your pops of turquoise are perfect! Maybe pops of pink or red next time??

I love these colors together! I sure do wish I had your figure! But =( I have no waist!

I love these two colors together! Now if I could only have your figure!

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