Another week of What I Wore – – I’m sure you’re waiting in each week in eager anticipation to see what kind of fashion fail I can come up with.  Along those lines, I expect to see my craft stuff pinned on Pinterest, cause it’s all awesome, but when I come across myself pinned on Pinterest as a fashion example, I always chuckle.  (Seriously, people have been pinning my outfits onto fashion boards – it’s true!) Cause we know I have no fashion sense – but I guess it goes to show I’m making the effort!
So, to mix it up from last week, this time I wore gray and purple instead of gray and turquoise – I like it!  Ignore how the cardigan is weirdly buttoned, it wasn’t like that all day (or was it??)
Did you see I went with big earrings again – I like using them in my accessory rotation:
There is something about this top that I really love – I mean, I love the green cause I love green, but it’s something more – maybe the fit or the big band of color – I just really like it.  It was a thrift store find:

I remembered I had a hat (last fall I did a whole discussion on how “hat people” become hat people – I think it’s just deciding for yourself that you are one) so I busted it out for a day of running errands:

 I’m still loving my TOMS – – I think they’re forming more and more to my feet:

 And another find at that GAP sale – this flowy top.  It seems like flowy is starting to be in, and most my tops are fitted – it’s a little different than something I would normally buy, so I decided to take the risk.  It was cold so I wore it over long sleeves – not sure it that’s acceptable or not.  Also on sale were these amazing gray pants – only $7 and they are so comfy!  They are jeans but have tons of stretch in them.  Again, out of my comfort zone to wear colored jeans, but I’m liking them.

 So, thoughts on the new stuff?  Do you approve of colored jeans??

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    I like the colored jeans, and the green is awesome! Good job. ( btw I wear long sleeves under short – I don’t know if it is “ok” or not – so that looked good to me :-) )

  2. says

    My favorite outfit this week is the green top, jeans, and little silver shoes.. So cute! Makes you look young, fresh, happy, ready to take on the world! P.S. I really LOVE your kitchen cabinets! Thanks for posting!

  3. says

    I agree with the previous posts, you seem young and fresh in the green striped shirt. (Though I love stripes and green so I could be bias.) I wear long sleeves under short sleeves. I don’t think it’s fashionable, but I think it’s acceptable. But to be honest, and maybe it’s just the picture, but I think a darker under shirt would have worked better. This one looks a little flesh colored and isn’t quite doing the trick.

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    The grey jeans are cute, but they don’t really look right with that shirt. The warm tones of that shirt, with the cool color of the grey jeans are a no-go in my opinion. I think they would look super with the purple/grey outfit. Also, look great with the silver shoes.

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    Colored Jeans? To me, it depends on the color. I have regular blue jeans, some black ones and 1 pair of greenish-brown. Not real sure what color you would call it, though.

    I love the purple sweater. And I also wear long sleeves under short sleeves. And Camisoles under low cut tops.

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    purple and gray with those awesome earrings— soooo cute! definitely a keeper. and I like the flowy top, but i’d wear a non-flesh-colored longsleeved shirt under it (white? gray?) love to see your outfits!

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    WOO HOO! I just found me a gray and white short sleeved top at our local Family Dollar store. Regular price, $7. But they were having a sale, so I got it for $3.50. Buy one and get one for half price. They also had some solid colored ones for buy 1 for $5, get one half price.

    Almost set for anything!

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