March 26, 2012

AGAAGG Giveaway!

Here it is , what you've been waiting for - the much anticipated A Girl And A Glue Gun Giveaway!!

Remember, a few weeks back, Miss Kimbo threw the follower gauntlet - - the call-out from her:

here is my challenge....whoever has the LEAST followers by feb 1st  has to do a giveaway on the winner's blog.....

dear mandy,

the gauntlet has been thrown....

Who knew it would have been so close!!  I just assumed it was too short of a time period to take the lead.  But I caught up to her on the last day of January and walked away with a sweet victory.

But it all balanced out because she's the one who beat me into the finals of SoYouThinkYou'reCrafty on Friday (maybe because of the heeby jeeby behind THis Post?!?!).  Speaking of, have you voted in the finals??  I can't bring myself to vote - both gals did amazing and I can't pick one over the other! See:

Anyways, back to the giveaway... you could win one of the ever-famous AGAAGG Levi Aprons:
AND  this random pile - is that a glue gun charm I see in there!?!?

How to win???   
One entry for each of the following - just leave a comment on this post for each thing you do:

--head over to A Girl and A Glue Gun, check out the fabulousness (like these tutorials), then come back here and tell us something that you love

--follow A Girl and A Glue Gun (that way I can share the love and YOU, the vast amount of followers I beat her with, thrown back her way) and leave a comment here saying you're a follower

--follow me, Sugar Bee Crafts, cause that's great too - and leave a comment here saying you're a follower

Good Luck - giveaway ends Friday around noon

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Mandy is a craft blogger who loves to blog and enjoys all things crafty, sewing, and DIY - she feels that if she can do something, you can too, and provides tutorials to help you along the way. She loves being a mom to 4 awesome kiddos and blogs from the Kansas City Area. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter or Google +

78 Fabulous Comments:

I already follow her blog, I did that back when the two of you were having the challenge!

of course I follow your blog!

I adore the the peacock picture and have already voted for it. As for other things.... I really liked her family night dice!

I've been following agaagg for a while. I love the post she put up about the car mat. I'm actually making one.

I appreciate Kim's writing style on AGAAGG. It's as though we're friends and just chatting. Her ideas are amazing, yet her projects are doable (accept for the faux chennile - YIKES!) I'm a fan!

I am now happily following YOU, too! Love the coloring pillowcase! I am doing this for our Easter road trip! Good stuff! Thank you!

I love Kim's blog! She is so funny and down to earth. And I love that a lot of her projects are on the fly with no patterns. That is typically how I work too!

I love Kim's tutorials, I just made a table runner from her tutorial the other day.

Love the felt flower tutorial!

I love her fingerprint pendants tutorial!** super-beautiful!

I follow A Girl And A Glue Gun!

I already follow your blog, of course :)

Awww, Amy, your photos are beautiful! **

I follow TSP via GFC!

nefene at hotmail dot it

I love love love love everything Kim does. One of my all time favourites is the felt playmat. Just finished one for my kids! She has so much cool stuff I wanna try it all

Already a follower of Sugar Bee crafts too!!

I am already following you Sugar Bee :)

I think the levi apron is adorbs!

I follow a girl and a glue gun by email

I follow you on facebook and by email.

How about the Reese's Pieces Dessert Bars! I notice there is no glue gun in use, but sure looks like a good recipe!

I am a long long time follower!!!

I love the popsicle holder! It's getting hot here really fast so these are going to be a necessity real soon.

I am now a follower of AGAAGG!

love AGAAGG - love her tutorial for the coloring book holder an interchangeable bibs

I love her voodoo dolls/pincushions

Pick just one thing to love on her site??? I don't think I can lol. Most recently I love the peacock picture.

I love AGAAGG! :) Her new blog design is fabulous! And her heart bouquet is one of my fave recent tutes!

I love all the felt play mats she's done!

I just found her purse holder tute the other day and it's on my to do list.

I follow A Girl and a Glue Gun.

I also follow Sugar Bee Crafts.

I love EVERYTHING about agaagg!

I already made one of her indoor hopscotch playmats for my cousins for Christmas last year! I hope they still play with it :-p

I love the activity mats!

And I follow you already, and just added her to my feed:)

I followed sugrbee crafts and agaagg!!! We love her Hair accessories!

I follow AGAAGG via email :)

I follow Sugar bee Crafts via email :) Love your blog!

I love the DIY Canvas with the bird silhouettes that AGAAGG is so beautiful! I have tried to do my "version" of it but have come no where close to the original!

I like the popsicle holder . Thanks

I follow you already. Thanks

I just spent like 20 minutes looking at everything on her site. I love the craft organizer, the onesie extender, and a whole bunch of other stuff! I will have to check out her site more. Who knows which rock I've been living under lately.

I love the zipper ring tutorial!

I am a follower of a Girl and a Gluegun on GFC!

I am a follower of Sugar Bee Crafts on GFC! (As Sauriola)

I love that she calls all her stuff "crap" and doesn't take herself too seriously.

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