Boy’s Ties – pattern review

 It’s tie sewing season!!  With Easter around the corner, I wanted to attempt to make my boys some ties – because I am super weak for the matchy-matchy family look.  Butterfly Tree was willing to let me try out one of her patterns – awesome.

 I was drawn to the Boy’s Tie Sewing Pattern for several reasons – -
–price – it was under $6, and I love sharing a good deal with you
–size – it went from size infant to 12 years!  several other patterns I looked at only went to size 6 or so, and my oldest is 9.  I wanted a pattern that would fit him and my 3 year old.

Thoughts after making the ties – -
–why oh why have I never made boys ties before??  I thought it’d be complicated, but it’s not at all!  Just follow the step by step directions and it’ll walk you through everything.
–there are actually 2 types of ties in the pattern – I made the classic, but you could also make a reversible tie.
–the pattern is very thorough (24 pages long), which is great, but for some reason my printer couldn’t print it.  Butterfly Tree said no one else had ever had that problem, and sent me several suggestions (great customer service!).  I sent it to a friend and it printed fine, so I’m pretty sure it was just my printer.

Doesn’t the back look so professional?!  I’m still impressed that I made this myself!

So if you have boys, seriously, make some ties!!  I’d recommend this pattern – I thought it was great.  Now I want to whip out a bunch.  It took longer to cut it out (and think about how to lay out the pieces, etc) than it did to actually sew it.  For sure doable in an afternoon nap session.

I’m not ready with all our matchy-matchy Easter outfits yet, so the fabric on the tie is just a sneak peek on our color scheme.  But I knew I couldn’t wait til Easter to show you, because you need a heads up if you want to be making ties of your own.

Apparently my 9 year old wasn’t too thrilled to dress up on a Saturday just so I could take pictures of him.  But he was a good enough sport to do it, just not to smile too much.  But that’s the “look”, right?!  He’s wearing the size that goes up to size 12 so that he can have it for a few years….


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    Super duper cute, Mandy! I make elastic neck shabby ties for my little guys all the time, but this would be nicer for Easter for sure! Thanks :)

  2. says

    LOVE THIS! I have four boys and it is so hard to find cute nice looking clothes for them. No one thinks boys need to look nice. Grrrr. Love the fabric you chose too.

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