March 26, 2012

Coloring Sheet Pillowcase

 The DIY Coloring Sheet pillowcase was my entry into the "ink" challenge over at SoYouThinkYou'reCrafty.  It was down to the top 3 and competition was tight.

I got the idea because my girls have been obsessed with intricate coloring pages - see:

So I grabbed a pillowcase and a thin-point sharpie and a hard surface (clipboard) to stick in the pillowcase so the sharpie didn't bleed through.
And turned on a no-brainer (requires no thought) show - anyone know which one it is??
And started drawing...
Obviously I'm no artist.  But the kids don't care.  At first I thought they'd color it in with fabric markers, to make it stay.  But then I thought, why make it stay!  I should make this thing reusable.

 I thought washable markers would wash out, so I tested it and I was right!
Pretty fun, huh?!?  I bet older girls at a slumber party would even love to draw out the designs themselves, then maybe swap pillowcases and color each others' in or something.
 Such a fun thing that I though it deserved an infomercial: Color It In, Again and Again!!  - - in fact, over spring break my girls came up with one, and I recorded it to show you, but now we can't find the video camera - of course!

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13 Fabulous Comments:

Cute idea! My nieces would love one! I can't wait to make one!!

I Love it!!! And i think my son 2 years old will too, how can' t i be that creative???

What if you fell asleep on the pillowcase, and it was a warm night, would you wake up with a tie dyed face?

Timmi, I've wondered that same thing! My girls don't actually sleep on theirs, it's more for decoration.... but maybe on a hot night I'll have them sleep on it just to test it out....

I love it this going on my list of summer fun things to do

For one of my daughter's birthday parties I made some pillow cases and I let them trace some Disney pictures on them. Then I had them color with crayons, and use paper to iron in the color. Then they traced the pencil marks with a sharpie. It was a fun project for a party.

I would have loved this as a kid! This would be a fun idea for a kiddo party or sleepover! :)

this is completely BRILLIANT!!! wow. I love it :-)

That is such a fun idea! I wish I'd had one when I was younger...I guess I could still make one for myself now!

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