Cookies with Almond Flour

I have something great to share with you today – Almond Flour from Honeyville Grain:

I recently found a book at the library about “eating free” – sugar free and gluten free.  I was intrigued and enticed.  I was happy when Honeyville sent me some Almond Flour to try out.  The first thing I used it for was cookies  shown in the recipe book.  I expected cookies that were sugar and gluten free to be bland, but they were pretty yummy!  My kids loved them!

 As always, kid helpers hanging around:

 The first batch were still in ball-shape after being cooked, so the second batch I pushed a little flatter before baking – you can see the difference:

So, what’s so great at Almond Flour??  Well, the biggest thing is that it’s gluten free.  I know it seems like more and more people are discovering they have trouble with gluten.  I don’t, but a little boy in my church class can’t have gluten, and I was excited to be able to bring in cookies that he could eat.  Almond flour has less carbs than wheat flour, and I’m for sure thinking I need to cut back on my carb intake, so that’s my focus for using it.  More great info:

Full of protein and dietary fiber, almond flour works well in a wide variety of recipes. Blanched Almond Flour can be substituted for flour in cakes, breads, cookies, muffins, and your favorite recipes that call for flour. Use it as a thickener in soups and puddings too! The taste and texture is phenomenal. With a fraction of the carbs of wheat flour, almond flour provides a hearty flavor and consistency without adding all of those empty calories. 

Besides the cookies, I used it in biscuits but forgot to take a picture.  In that recipe I used half almond flour and half regular flour. With my 2 attempts using almond flour, so far – great!  Once again, you can find Honeyville Almond Flour HERE.  I’ll be trying it more and more and letting you know again how it’s going.

I am trying out 3 weeks of sugar free eating.  And man oh man, do I want a giant hunk of cake!!  I am half way through, so only a week and a half to go.  The little experiment is helping me realize that I do a pretty good job of eating healthy, EXCEPT that we have dessert at every meal.  And I miss it!  And I really like candy.   And I miss it!  And I like cereal.  And it has sugar in it. Doh!

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    My husband has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, so we have been watching sugar and carbs. But one of the most helpful things we have done is to eliminate sugared drinks, including fruit juice. We also have eliminated candy, although I have bought some sugar free candy. Even though I’m not diabetic, I’m trying to cut my sugar intake too because diabetes runs in my family. It’s surprising how sweet things taste when you stop eating so much sugar. Things that I ate before, taste too sweet to me now. I still eat some sugar, but I think overall I”m healthier!

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    I am trying the almost no sugar eating change over as well. It is HARD!! We can do it girl! I have yet to purchase the almond flour,but i may be trying the coconut one first from Fab website!

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    Random question for you…I’ve been following your blog for a while now and absolutely love the variety with it. I love all the topics from the sewing, the giant picture tutorial and the recipes. I’m definitely an amateur at all of this but my first passion is by far cooking especially baking. I’ve wanted a Kitchenaid Mixer for a couple of years and actually found a sale this weekend. But I’ve put it off for so long because I don’t know if the 275 watt will take care of all my needs. It’s $179 which is a steal but the pro series 600 which is 575 watt is $350 or $150 off. Can you tell me about the mixer you chose?

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    I had a small kitchen aid for 10 years – loved it! But it never powered through bread dough very well and had a hard time when I tripled cookie batches. So last year I upgraded and got the pro series one – I feel like I bake a lot so it was worth it to me. I enjoy how big it is and have been happy with it so far – love it! Hope that helps – – Mandy

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