Earlier today I mentioned the women’s meeting I made centerpieces for – well the whole morning was all about service. There were several speakers who gave talks about service then we broke out into mini-sessions. 

At the mini-sessions you could choose from a wide variety of service projects.  We spent our time in the corsage-making room.  We were making corsages to donate to the Down Syndrome Guild and their yearly prom:

Most of us (me included) had never ever made a corsage.  But we just jumped right in.
I warned everyone at my table that seeing as this was crafting, I was counting it as a craft I could post on my blog and they’d probably make an appearance.
Here’s me with Ashley from How Do U Like Them Apples:

 And my aunt on the left, Jennifer from Studio 103, and my mom on the right.  This was the best picture of Jennifer but not my mom.

So Kate told her all the secrets she learned from watching Top Model, like elongate the neck, etc. and we got this shot:

 But then Kate, my cousin, from A Piece of Kate’s, said she needed a retake so here’s her best shot:

 So side note, are you putting it all together?  My mom is Kim and she’s sisters with Jennifer, who’s Kate’s mom.  Kate and I are cousins and we grew up spending every day at each others’ houses.  Now that we’re grown up we are back to living pretty close (maybe 5-10 minutes apart) and our kids enjoy playing with one another.

This is just a handful of the corsages made that day – what a fun service project!!

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    Ooh fun!!! You know… my sister took TWIN boys to her junior prom. ;) They forgot to bring her corsage, so they made her one out of tulips my mom had at her house!!! It wasn’t nearly as pretty as these, but it’s the thought that counts! haha.

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