Divided Money Box

Here it is – the tutorial on how to make a divided moneybox!  Well, picture tutorial anyways….

 I made it through SoYouThinkYou’reCrafty – I had counted myself out mid-week, so it was a bit of a shock in the end.  And I don’t need your vote this week – it’s a break.  And I haven’t even given thought to the next project – need to get on that!

Back to the moneybox – remember, we needed something different when my son (the 9 year old!) dropped a glass jug at the top of the steps and it broke into a million pieces, on the way down and on the final hit of the hardwood floor.  Reenactment:

The kids were involved in making these because that way they have a vested interest to use them.  Here’s a summary – -

Well, that was one easy tutorial – – maybe I should keep it to only pictures more often!?!  That would probably drive you crazy.  But I’m being lazy with writing a tutorial for this.  So if you have questions, email me and I can probably get the answers.

The kiddos, owning up to their creations:

And a final view:

Works for us!!  If you need a divided money system for kids, this could be your answer.  Each box up costing less than $4.

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    We did something similar with our kids, but we used a “cigar” box and they decorated it and our categories were tithe, save, gifts, spend. I think all our kids are good with money now, they are all married. Some may even have their boxes!!

  2. says

    These are a brilliant idea! Definitely something I will put to use when I have a little one. I love that they each helped with them too.

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    I was thinking how cool it would be to make one side of the money box plexiglass so they have the visual of the money “rising” inside. I think that visual is why the big class jar was used first, right?

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