Handle Heaven

out with the old…

 in with the new….

 Doesn’t it seem like if you could only do ONE thing to update your kitchen, changing out the handle hardware would be it?!?!

 Too bad handles are so pricey, or we’d all have updated our kitchens years ago.  We have 37 handles.  37!!  Most handles run about $5 a handle – I’ll let you do that outrageous math.  Luckily we found these ones we liked at a local store for about $2.50 each, so that was doable (although still crazy to drop about $100 just on handles)

As you can see, we’re still waiting for our tile to come (you know, speaking of crazily dropping loads of money….)

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    I replaced the hinges, knobs and handles in my kitchen. We had a LOT! I ended up getting everything on ebay and bought all of it in bulk. I ended paying only $85 for all of it with shipping. Yeah! I had those exact same handles on my cabinets, except our were in much worse shape.

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    We have the “old handles” in our bathroom. My husband painted the metal black and voila! instant update for FREE! Well I guess if you count the paint it wasn’t free but we already had it in the garage. Switching handles is super easy and makes a surprisingly large impact.

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    Yowch, those old ones were pretty bad. I love the new ones. We too have nearly FIFTY handles in our kitchen and it kills me to buy hardware, but it is worth it. I love how yours are contemporary on traditional cabinetry. A great mix!

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    I love the color of those cabinets! I know what you mean. When we moved into our house we replaced them ALL! As well as door handles. It was ridiculous. I suggested spraying them but my husband was not for it.

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