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I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it or not, but I have been on a “no sugar” eating regiment.  I wanted to try to be sugar free for 3 weeks, like a sugar cleanse.  Well, it’ll be 3 weeks tomorrow – and I think I did pretty good!!  Some thoughts:

–I didn’t see a difference the first couple of weeks.  But at the start of this, the third week, I feel like my belly is a little less giggly.  I don’t think I’ve lost weight but I wish I would have measured my waist because I think I lost a layer of flab.

–I am not so sure it’s because I cut out sugar or if it’s because of what I eat that has sugar in it – like multiple cookies a day, desserts every night, etc.  Since I wasn’t eating that sort of thing because it had sugar, it meant I was cutting out lots of unhealthy things by default.

–I did eat honey.  And agave.  And salad dressing, which has sugar.

– About 1 1/2 weeks in I had a mini banana bread muffin – wowza, was it good!!  Then later that week Trevor made smoothies with Lemonade concentrate in them – that has sugar.  And I had cheesecake pie on pi day – it didn’t have hardly any sugar in it, but there was a little.  Other than that, I think I was sugar free – pretty good!

I did make treats a couple of times.  I would use Agave instead of sugar.

I also am continuing to use the Almond Flour from Honeyville Grain.  It’s easy to use and I just substitute it straight for flour.  It had been working great in baking and I’d really recommend it.  And remember, it’s gluten free for all of you that have that concern.

I did have a bit of trouble when I substituted almond flour into my crepe recipe.  But with a little tweaking (adding a couple more eggs to hold the batter together) I got it to work great.

 I am excited to get back to eating yummy things with sugar, but I think I will try to eat them in moderation.  Instead of daily, multiple times.

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    I’d love to have your crepe recipe! We love making them around our house but I always forget about them. Think I’ll try to make some today!

    I’ve thought about cutting out sugar to help my skin clear up and to force me to drink more water. I used to drink a lot of water but lately drink coffee ALLLLL morning and then get busy and don’t have any water until dinner. Congrats on doing so well!

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    WOW! Good job, Mandy! It’s really hard to cut some specific out of your diet. When Alie was a newborn she had colic really bad. We tried EVERYTHING and then I found some info on going dairy free if you were breastfeeding. I tried it and in 3 days she was COLIC FREE! It was amazing. NOT SO AMAZING is trying to stay dairy free. It’s surprising how much food it’s in. Which I’m sure goes for sugar as well. Did you see that Dr Oz special where he talked about sugar and artificial sweeteners actually making us crave sweets more. The sweetness of it makes us just want more. But he was a HUGE supporter of Agave.

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