March 15, 2012

In the Mail

A while ago I came across the blog Giver's Log and their happy mail, where she talks about how you can mail all sorts of things 13 ounces or less.  Well, we had friends come visit from out of town and they left a toy.  When I saw a discarded mini water bottle, I thought I should shove it in there instead of using a boring envelope - so I did.

 And, the toy held captive - I hope he was able to wave to a lot of postal workers on his journey:

You've got to check out the Giver's Log - because wouldn't it be awesome to get a bouncy ball in the mail??  Or send some Easter treats - possibilities are endless! There are tons more ideas listed.
 Images from her blog:

Go try it  - I did!

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How much did it cost to mail? I pinned the easter eggs a while ago and was waiting till Easter to mail to my nieces and nephews.

Absolutely awesome! I'm pinning this clever idea. I'm going to have to mention this on my blog and link to you when I try something cool. :)

I think this is such a cool idea but I always worry that it will be inconvenient for mailmen to keep up with unusual shaped items. I imagine the poor mailman running down the street to catch the bouncy ball.

That is SO Awesome!!! How fun would it be to get something like that in the mail!!! I am going to have to do that!!!


Aw this is so cool! i had no idea! Thanks for sharing this is awesome...

That's hysterical! I've gotta try this.

That is too neat!!! :) The whole thing has to be less than thirteen ounces??

That's so random! Yet such a fun idea! =D

That's so cool! I'm going to try it.

Your post prompted me to google wierd things sent in the mail and I found this awesome website where researchers experimented. It is a hoot!

Hi, God Bless you, love your blog =)

My parents live on a small island in Florida and it's not unusual to mail a coconut from their little post office, so I sent one to my husband.

I'd love to hear updates on if this works! I bet the mailman isn't too crazy about it, but I have some nephews that would LOVE this!

What clever ideas! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

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