March 23, 2012

Mini Scrap Banner Centerpieces

 Recently I was asked to be in charge of centerpieces at a large women's meeting for our church (several congregations together is called a stake - it was for a Stake Relief Society meeting).  I've never made a centerpiece in my life, and I didn't know if I was old enough - seemed like something my mom would do.  But it was a fun challenge and I think they came out pretty well.
There was a minimal budget and I used almost all of it on fresh flowers.   I had large squares of fabric on the center of each table - most were vintagey florals, with a few being gingham - the one in the picture happened to be gingham.  Then on top of that was a square of burlap and then on top of that a doily.  Then in old-fashioned mason jars (with the flip-top and glass lids) that I borrowed from my mom were a couple of fresh tulips.  Then in a can filled with beans was a mini scrap banner - that was my favorite part!!

I cut some of my leftover fabric (from the large squares on each table) into small, 1/4 inch strips.  Then I tied them onto some twine.  I tied on about 10:
 Then I trimmed the tails so they weren't too long - you can't just start with a shorter strip of fabric because it'd be too hard to tie the knot.  And I pushed them kind of close together.  And then set it aside and made another.  I'd do it again if I were just making a few - - I had to make 22 for the luncheon which was a bit much...
 Then I gathered a bunch of sticks from my yard and tied each end of the twine onto the top of the stick, and that was it.  A quick ribbon around the empty green bean can finished off the look.
 I even had my name in lights:
 All set up- -
 Those little Mini Scrap Banners were so cute!!

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Those are seriously cute! What a great idea! Nice job!

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