March 22, 2012

Nightlight in Style

My girls have this thing they play called "Club Girl Squad" - I don't even know how they came up with it, but it's commonplace in our house.  When I was sent a glass block from Quality Glass Block to review, I knew I'd make it into a nightlight for their room, and how cool that I could personalize it for Club Girl Squad - super mom award!

The glass block is specifically for crafting - it has different plugs you can use - one makes the block a bank, one leaves a slot for a cord (that's what I used) and one plugs the hole completely.

 Here they are playing Club Girl Squad.  From what I can tell it involves playing school and babies and girl club all rolled together:
I think it turned out really cute!!  I used vinyl and my Cameo craft cutter to cut the vinyl into the design I wanted.  Sorry, I can't remember the fonts I used - I know "girl" is a different font than "club squad" :
And the night view:
Thanks to Quality Glass Block for providing the block.  It was so easy to use, with all those different plug options.  I'd recommend it!  A perfect way to make a personalized night light!

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That's really cute. I think I'll pin it! I love those glass blocks. I got one as a Christmas gift one year from a student, and it still comes out every year. It's so pretty!

I LOVE your crafting block idea! I am unsure if you received your block from our store, Quality Glass Block but if you are interested we are having special discounting on Wavy Mist Crafting block. They come in two sizes 8 x 8 or 6 x 6. Check out the site below.

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