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My girls have this thing they play called “Club Girl Squad” – I don’t even know how they came up with it, but it’s commonplace in our house.  When I was sent a glass block from Quality Glass Block to review, I knew I’d make it into a nightlight for their room, and how cool that I could personalize it for Club Girl Squad – super mom award!

The glass block is specifically for crafting – it has different plugs you can use – one makes the block a bank, one leaves a slot for a cord (that’s what I used) and one plugs the hole completely.

 Here they are playing Club Girl Squad.  From what I can tell it involves playing school and babies and girl club all rolled together:

I think it turned out really cute!!  I used vinyl and my Cameo craft cutter to cut the vinyl into the design I wanted.  Sorry, I can’t remember the fonts I used – I know “girl” is a different font than “club squad” :

And the night view:

Thanks to Quality Glass Block for providing the block.  It was so easy to use, with all those different plug options.  I’d recommend it!  A perfect way to make a personalized night light!

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    That’s really cute. I think I’ll pin it! I love those glass blocks. I got one as a Christmas gift one year from a student, and it still comes out every year. It’s so pretty!

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