Paper Strip Shamrocks

a tutorial on Paper Strip Shamrocks – yeah, you probably saw this coming….

because I had Paper Strip Ornaments hanging all through the holidays, then I went with Paper Strip Hearts, and when they came down it felt empty – like I needed something hanging over my dining room table.

And I got to thinking how shamrocks are just a few hearts put together  – – so, start with hearts using the Paper Strip Heart Tutorial – this time around I let the center part extend down through the heart but you could do either way.  So make 3 like this (we got together and made a bunch at playgroup while the kiddos played):

Then you can see how when they push together they make a shamrock.  I trimmed the stem part of the hearts as close to the staple as I could (of course I did that after this picture was taken):

Then to hold them all together I just squirted a big old blob of hot glue in the middle of the 3 heart ends and then held them all together as the glue cooled.  I also folded a strip and shoved it into the hot glue to make a stem:

I think I’ve mentioned before how tricky these are to take pictures of – my table has a mirror by it, plus I take pictures right when I hang them so they’re still spinning…and now you can see me and my empty bed spring that needs decorated….

 Eventually I gave up and grabbed one to hold it still for a photo opp:

I feel like this is a craft even for the noncrafter – you can do this! Grab some colored paper and a stapler and go for it!

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    Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I had seen this on Pinterest earlier today and after school, like most days, my kids started fighting, I went to yell…but these popped in my head and instead of yelling, I said “Hey wanna make some shamrocks?!” It turned the entire night around! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

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    I love these! I’m going to make these today with my 5 year old. I may have him decorate the strips a little before we put the shamrocks together.


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