Peacock Shoe Clips

I never realized that “peacock” was all the rage until I focused on it because of the finals theme over at SoYouThinkYou’reCrafty – now I see it EVERYWHERE!!  I decided to mix with with another up-and-coming trend, shoe clips!!  So here ya go – a tutorial for DIY Peacock Shoe Clips (although I’m sure you could figure this out for yourself)

I had to whip this project out for SoYouThinkYou’reCrafty because I was neck and neck in a tight race and didn’t know whether I’d make it to the finals.  But I’m glad I didn’t – because Kim and Jessica have done awesome all season and for sure both deserve to be in the finals. And plus, 3rd place prize is rockin’, so I’m excited for that!!  If you want to see the final Peacock Projects – check them out!

Seriously, this project is SO easy and just takes a few minutes (my type of project!).

Shoe Clips are all the rage right now!  They are such a perfect way to update an old pair of shoes.  Plus nothing is permanent, so you can change your shoe clips daily for lots of different looks.  I love the fun that a peacock feather adds to shoes!!

First up, find some old shoes.  I found these all scuffed up at the thrift store – they were only $1, as is, because of the scuffs.  The other shoe had a lot more scuffs and I should have taken a “before” picture but I was eager to see if the magic eraser worked – which it did!  So, cleaned up is on the left, not cleaned is on the right.

 At first I had planned on mod podging the feather onto the shoe.  But then I got to thinking that I kind of liked these shoes, and what if one day I wanted to wear them without a feather.  So I went the way of the shoe clip.

I found this feather bunch thing at Michael’s for a couple of dollars:

 So I cut out the peacock feathers and hot glued a tiny clothespin to the back.  Then trimmed the “stem” part of the feather.  That was it!!

Voila, fancy shoe clips!

So do you have any shoe clips – feathers, flowers, etc??  I think I might need some more….

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    So cute! Depending on the shoe you might use a small piece of felt hot glued to the side of the clip where your foot might rub to make it more comfortable.

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