March 10, 2012

Photo Glimpse - mornings

remember, each week I share some pictures of the non-crafty side of life..

Kudos to you that are morning people - I am not one of you!

I like to ease into the morning - I wander downstairs, check email and blogs, get the kids set with cereal/oatmeal (I never make real breakfast food in the morning because that would be way too much work - but I love breakfast food so we eat it once a week for dinner), make lunches for the school kids, then wander back up and get dressed for the day.  Normally while I'm checking email my toddler will wake up and come down and join me.  The other morning he wanted to take a picture of us with my tablet.  So enjoy the lovely mascara-eyed, pj-wearing, glimpse into the morning routine:

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Oh no! Don't tell me that you don't wash your face at night!! You are young, keep your skin looking great and wash and moisturize!!

I like to ease into the morining too. I think the teacher that helps max get out at school must think im so lazy lol because i always go in my yoga pants and sweat shirt and bed head lol.

ps i dont wash my face at night lol

I am NOT a morning person either... I tend to think that having to wake up ruins my day! haha. Best way to start it is slowly... ;)

I would say that's me... except I think you're a step ahead of me. You already have your smile on!

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