March 31, 2012

Photo Glimpse - random fun

remember each week I try to share some non-crafty pictures....

I love that at Michael's the "treat" the kids get are those $1 wood things to color:

Rice in pans for a quiet play activity always seems like a good idea, at first......

my preschooler - yes, not even in Kindergarten yet - lost her first tooth!

It rained all of spring break so we were super boring - but we did spend one day at "Air Zone" - one of those places filled with the big blowup bounce houses and slides:

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I'm curious why the mixer is on the floor?

very observant! we had our counters off, so it was on the table, but then we need to use the table, so it just got moved to the floor - - now that the counters are back on, it's back in it's spot...

My 4 1/2 year old girl also lost her first tooth - last week. Apparently its quite normal - I asked my Dentist xx Nat

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