Rainbow Braided Headband Tutorial

We are in love with this Rainbow Braided Headband.  And best of all – it’s easy to do! Let me tell you all about how to make it…

It’s like a cross between the No Sew Braided Headbands, and the Braided Headbands, only with lots of strands instead of just 2.  Let me show you…

diy rainbow braided headband

First, you’ll need strips of fabric in every color of the rainbow.  Because there will be so many braids, cut the strips small so they’ll be small braids.  Mine are about 1/2 wide and 44 long because I just cut them across the width of the fabric – they didn’t need to be that long.  You’ll 3 strips of each color.

Next, grab those 3 strips of one color, safety pin the ends together on a pillow or something, then start braiding.  I tried to keep my braid pretty tight. Braid it til it will span your head from behind each ear – like you try it on to see if it’s long enough.

Now, do that for all the colors.  This will take you longer than you think, so put on a good movie to pass the time….

Now, on to assembly – – take 2 ponytail doers and loop them inside of each other to tie them together, like this:

Now, fold the ends of all the braids over the rubberband – make sure they’re in color order – sing the song if you need to (red, orange, yellow, green, followed by blue, indigo and voilet, it’s a rainbow song for you)

And then sew (slowly! it’s thick!) them in place.  It’s hard to see where I sewed, but use your imagination and draw a dotted line between the two white arrows – that’s where I sewed.  Then clip any excess fabric ends.

Now, try it on to see how long to make it, then repeat with the other end the sewing thing.  You can kind of see the ends in this picture:

I love the braids all stacked – so fun!!  I think it’s because I love the bright rainbow colors.  I think I might have to do a rainbow week on the blog because I love them so much….

I got some great pictures of my preschooler modeling, so of course I have to show that off:

And here you can see more of a side view of the headband:

And her sister noticed the new headband before school the next day and HAD to wear it – – I love when they actually like the things I make :)

So anyways, this is so doable – go make one!!


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  1. says

    I had to LOL at the rainbow song. My kids love it and sang it for weeks after the first time they heard it on “Cat in the Hat”.

    It does look super cute!

  2. says

    LOVING this! Doing it tonight, in fact! Thanks so much for sharring tutorials for everything you make. Good luck this week…I’ve already voted. :)

  3. says


    that’s how we were taught the colours. I can only assume that Richard lost his battle…we Brits can’t help our battles :D

  4. says

    Great idea! Have you heard the They Might Be Giants “Roy. G. Biv” song? Good rainbow color learning over there too. I might need to make one of these for myself one rainy day. thanks for sharing@

    jess @ tupelocreative

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