March 28, 2012

Random Updates

Did you see me over at PR&P??   - - am I crazy, this competition is serious!!  I know that because they called me a "designer" which is funny to me because it sounds so real.  Hope I can keep up...

Did you see me over at the Expressions Vinyl Blog??  I get to be a contributor over there once a month - fun!  Today I talked about using the grid on your mat.

As promised, my hair today - - this what it looked like when I woke up (after being curled yesterday):
 Then I recurled just the top layer - it's much faster on the second day because the curl holds better and I'm only doing the top layer.  Finished:
 I still feel like my hair's a crazy mess, but I think that's the look....

During spring break we built rough boxes and started growing wheat grass.  It will be a week tomorrow, and it's already this tall - so fun to see its progress each day:

So, this is my 4th post for today (well, 5th, if you count the platinum one that posted at 3am)- - is that too many??  I can cut back if you think I'm on blogging overkill....thoughts??

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4 Fabulous Comments:

I love all the posts! and your hair looks great! I really need to get one of those curling irons.... :)

lol. my bloglovin is filled with posts of mandy! love you and your cute hair!

Mandy - I'm super nervous, too!

I can wait to see your (sure to be gorgeous) creations...

The hair looks great! I get on posting kicks sometimes and it feels like I post a dozen times in one day. I don't mind all your posts at all!

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