March 15, 2012


A few random things...
  • um, I love my new counters - the peninsula is awesome!!  it's about 3 feet longer than before, and no longer has a cooktop or giant hole in it, so I can actually use it.

you've got til tomorrow to get in on that.

  • And speaking of $$, you could also win $40 to Target with GigGis Petals HERE!  again, you've got til tomorrow.

  • Paparazzi is awesome.  I just got an {amazing} commissions check.  If you've ever wanted to make money on the side doing something fun, this could be for you!!
  • Sponsors!!! - - if you're a blog reader, don't forget to check out a few of those sponsors on the sidebar - they make things possible!!  If you have a blog/shop and want to sponsor, I have super great rates.

  • Did you see that I'm a part of the upcoming season of Project Run & Play??  Holy moly, am I intimidated!!  Have you followed along with that competition - those people can really sew!!  I think I might be out of my league....

--stay tuned, one more post coming up today (yep, a lucky 3-post day....)

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8 Fabulous Comments:

your counters look amazing. I am jealous. The cabinets look fantastic as well.

I love your whole kitchen! It looks fabulous!

Your kitchen and those countertops look fabulous! And I love how you decorated using your green Rachael Ray cookware -- I ADORE mine and can't remember life before them.

Congrats on being part of Project run and play!

The counters look amazing!! Can't wait to see what you pick for a backsplash, that is always my favorite part!

I love your counters too! haha Your picture is too cute you look very happy! I love the colors on the cabinets! i think I may have said that before but I'll say it again! LOVE!

You are totally not out of your leauge with sewing! Can't wait to vote!

You are hilarious! When I got new countertops, I laid on them too because I was so in love. I even threatened to sleep in my kitchen :)

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