March 9, 2012


Remember last month when I put some items into a local boutique for the first time.  Well, they sold all the Owie Owls and needed more - wow! So I worked busily and took in a new flock - I love this gal up front, although I bet the houndstooth ones will be most popular (have I mentioned houndstooth is growing on me?!?)

I also took in a bunch of wristlet keychain fob things - I still am using the first one I made and love it.

Maybe one day I'll get around to actually restocking my Etsy Shop.....

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Way to go! I'm not surprised they sold out. They are so cute!!!

These are so cute, the one up front is definately the cutest though. x

I'm not really a hounds tooth fan, but the one with the green looks like a cutie! Congrats on selling out! :)

So cute! I love the one in the left hand corner! =D

I love the keychains. Have you ever done a tutorial for them? I'd love to try making one myself but wouldn't know where to start.

I LOVE those owls! So cute.

That's exciting!!! And these are too cute!

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