March 21, 2012

Shabby Apple - Alice Dress Review

Today's What I Wore Wednesday is a little different - - I have a great dress to tell you about, and then I need some shoe suggestions...

Dresses from Shabby Apple

I was sent a dress from Shabby Apple to review: Dresses from Shabby Apple

They have a new line of dresses called the Mad Hatter  - check it out!

I was sent the "Alice" - I love it's color!!  Here's the model's picture:

And now here's mine - - but first I have to tell you to ignore my hair - my blow dryer blew up (it shot sparks out of the cord end and tried to get me!) so when I showered this morning I thought I'd let it air dry and then flatten it - but it's 4pm and my thick hair and the rainy day means my hair is still damp - crazy!

Anyways, here ya go:
In real life, the color of the dress is somewhere between the model's picture and my picture.   Seafoam-ish.

I was super impressed when I received the dress - I knew the bottom of the dress would have a lace overlay, but I didn't realize the bodice did too - it makes it really pretty.  It fits perfectly in the waist but is a little big and loose in the bust - I blame mother nature, not Shabby Apple.  I even have on my super-duper padded b-r-a  and can't quite fill it out (not a big surprise).  I might try taking in the pleats just a little.
I love the boatneck-ish neckline but how it's not falling of my shoulders or anything.  The whole dress is lined and the overlay hangs past the dress with a scallop edge, which I love.

This is the dress that will be my Easter Dress - I think it's perfect for that!!  So if you want to match me, go for it :)

But now I have a dilemma - - what shoes should I wear?!?  I found a few options:

I think these would have been the top choice, but there's a black strap going across the ankle, and black doesn't really say "spring" and "Easter"  - but I do like how they're nude with that pop of hidden color.

Next up, these are probably my least favorite but they're not bad - just maybe a little too casual??

 And this shot has a couple of options - the one on the left is more strappy and shiny and maybe too dressy??  My favorite out of all of them is the one on the right - nude with a peep toe.  The main shoe is patent (shiny) leather but the bow thing is suede-ish to add interest.

So, shoe thoughts???  Any of my choices work??  If you know what kind of shoe would be perfect for the dress, leave a comment with a link and I will for sure check it out.  But remember I'm kind of cheap - I'm hoping for something under $40.

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35 Fabulous Comments:

nude with a peep toe! super cute dress- I want one!

I like the same as you, nude with peep toe!

That dress is adorable on you. Such a perfect color for an Easter dress! And as far as the shoes go, I love the first pair. Be sure to give us a final-answer photo. :-)

Oh I really adore the nude peep toe ones. The bow is really cute.
Personally I'm not a pep toe wearer, but they are very cute.

I think for the dress the nude with peep to. BUT, I HAVE to find the first pair!! I LOVE THOSE!

the nude peep toe for sure!

This dress looks great on you. Much better than the model. i always like seeing how Shabby Apple dresses look on real people. I also like the nude peep toe shoe on the bottom picture (on the right).

Peep Toe! Classy.. Easter...
You need a Gussy Sews Headband and you would be set!

nude peep toe! wow that sentence sounds weird when you read it out of context, lol! You look great in the dress!

Pretty, I like that last peep toe heel w/ the bow!

Nude with peep toe, super cute! Love the dress!

Love and adore your outfit and enthusiasm! Thank you for providing such fashionable inspiration.

Have a well dressed day!

Love the dress!!! I love the nude heels!

Okay Mandy...we really do think alike. I almost bought those exact nude/tangerine heels from Target-but when I tried them on they felt a little extra high. I've still been thinking about buying them, though.

The nude peep-toe would also look fabulous (patent & suede)-dressier but still casual enough for spring :)

And the dress looks beautiful!

last picture, nude peek toe!
Love the dress wish they would send me one to review

Ok, so I LOVE that dress! It looks lovely on you!! I actually have those suede shoes in the last picture and I love them!

Nude with a peep toe to wear with that dress! But I think you should buy the first shoes (with the black strap) for anyway another occasion.

such a cute dress!!! and i LOVE the first shoe... i think you should get it... regardless if you wear it with this dress or not ;)

I'm voting for the nude peeps! The dress looks great on you.

Definitely the nude with the peep toe. Very cute outfit!

I love the dress. My vote is for the nude peep-toe shoes.

I love the nude peep toe shoe. Where is that? I couldn't find them at my Target when I went to look for them.

the coral one is at Target. The Nude Peep toe is at Payless Shoes. My high-end shoe taste :)

I actually have the nude peep toe from Payless. They are really comfy and I love them. I pick them because every woman needs a pair of nude heels. They can be worn with anything any time of the year and look great. That dress looks fantastic on you too!

Peep toed shoes on the right!

I vote for the nude peep toe. Very cute dress. It looks pretty on you. Perfect for Easter!

Have you ever heard of / seen Miz Mooz shoes? Crazy fun.


I vote for the nude peep toe. Very cute dress. It looks pretty on you. Perfect for Easter!

Have you ever heard of / seen Miz Mooz shoes? Crazy fun.


Gorgeous dress!! Love the first pair of shoes!

SUCH a pretty dress. Perfect for Spring. You're definitely on the right track with the shoes. I too would do a nude. I like the bottom right.

That dress is totally adorable on you! Love the color!

The dress looks lovely on you! When I saw your link on Glamamom I immediately thought nude so I vote nude peep toes. They are also sure to go with any other spring/summer dresses you get,

love this dress, i vote for the nude pumps!

The nude peep toe if i have to choose...

but i'd go with red...

Hi! I'm new to your blog and I have been considering buying this Alice dress from Shabby Apple for my bro-in-law's wedding. I had heard from a lot of people that the dress runs rather small. I normally take anywhere between a 4 and 6 in dresses. The dress is beautiful on you and was wondering if you could tell me what size you are wearing if that's okay. I just want to get a feel of what size I need seeing as I'm ordering online. You can contact me through my email Thanks so much!

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