I read somewhere that you can sharpen your rotary cutter by running it over foil.  Well, the other day I borrowed my aunt’s “pinking shear” blade and she warned me that it was probably pretty dull because she mainly uses it for paper – and I wanted to cut fabric.

So I busted out the foil – worked like a charm!

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    This is so good to know! My rotary cutter is so dull, I have to run over the fabric about 3 times to get it cut! I just haven’t taken to figure out what to do with them. Thanks for the info!

    @ Creatively Living

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    What a great tip!! My blade is in need of sharpening right now. I’ve been contemplating buy new blades but I’m going to give this a go first!

    Btw I shared this tip and linked back to you as part of my “Sew Tip Tuesdays” series :) It goes live tomorrow morning!

    Thanks again!

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