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So remember how I’m always telling you that if you can do something, so can I?  Well, even I have to tell myself that – “hey, I’ve done that before, I can do it” and I often use my own tutorials if I make something again – funny, I know – you would think I’d remember.

Anyways, with my cute new Miss Mandy bag, I thought I needed a new zipper pouch – because the one I currently use is from who knows where – probably came free with makeup my mom bought and she passed the bag to my girls or something.  Here’s the side-by-side – – the new one’s so much cuter!

Anyways, I had to pull up my Ticker Tape Clutch tutorial - I even used the clutch to trace around for the right size:

With this new bag, I changed a couple things – I left off the loop since it’s a zipper pouch and not a clutch, and I used some leftover piping to go around the edges of the bag.  It looks so pretty inside:

I had quite the dilema about what color of thread to use in my zig zag.  I like the original bag a little better because it’s so different, and I almost used pink on this one, but I settled on a more subtle look with white.  Anyways, these little ticker tape bags are such fun ways to use up scraps!  I whipped this up on a Saturday morning – great fun!

You can do this!  try it!

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    I love that … So cute. The zipper is amazing. I love that it gives it a kind of edgy look. Nice job, i will have to give at a try.

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    ooh, that is cute. With me transitioning to using a diaper bag primarily really soon, I will probably need one of these for my personal stuff. Then I can just grab it and shove it in my purse if I’m going without baby. Thanks for re sharing the idea, I hadn’t seen this tute yet!

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