Time to Grow Up – trying Systeme 41

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I think most of you know I’m 32 – I think I blogged about how 30 was fine, cause it’s like you’re still in your 20s, and 31 is just like you’re still hitting 30, but 32, that’s for sure settling into the 30s.  I guess it’s time to grow up!  I was in charge of centerpieces for a church event and I told someone I wasn’t old enough to do centerpieces for a large group, and they pointed out I was all grown up with 4 kids – good point.
So what I’m saying is it’s time to grow up.  Take care of my skin.  Because until now I haven’t done anything!  One reader (super thanks!!) even called me out on not washing my face at night (my mascara eyes in a picture last week) – it’s true!!  I’m awful about that and have never had a beauty regiment.  But I think it’s time.
In the fall I saw this picture of Trevor and I and thought, wow, we look old.  Not old, but for sure not like newlyweds!

So I mentioned to my mom that I thought I might need some sort of face care system.  And that’s what I got for Christmas, but I wasn’t too dedicated or anything, and haven’t really seen results.

So when the chance for try out  Système 41 came, I jumped on it!!  Just what I needed – by trying a new product and knowing I’d need to review it for you all, I will hold myself accountable for using the system daily.  And I’m super excited to do so!!  I had my first grader take some before pictures, so they’re not the best, but they’ll work (and it’s first thing in the morning – yikes!):

My main hope is to reduce my eye wrinkles and have healthier skin…
Here’s a before picture where I’m at least wearing a little make up (and did you notice, I changed my hair color)

I am reviewing the Skin Care Kit, which is a total anti-aging skin care system:
Contains all 5 Système 41 skin care products to protect and rejuvenate skin morning through night.
-Rejuvenating mask
-Nourishing Day Crème
-Restorative Night Treatment
-Revitalizing Eye Treatment
-Gentle Purifying Cleanser
Simple and easy to use skin care regimen
Designed to work together to deliver best possible results
Save almost $60 versus buying products individually
1 @ $129.95
2 @ $239.95
I am super excited to try it because of all the things I’ve read about Système 41 I think it’s going to give great results – -
Features Grape Stem Cell therapy. This rich, shiny-smooth formula absorbs deeply to help repair and reduce visible signs of aging. Gentle Olive Oil Emulsifiers help smooth skin and deliver the kind of suppleness that really helps you look young.
- Grape Stem Cell therapy shields the skin from environmental damage from sun exposure.
– Contains Beech Tree Extract
*The buds of the beech tree contain unusually powerful peptides and anti-aging compounds that make your skin look fuller and softer. This can help minimize the appearance of even the deepest wrinkles and laugh lines. It also creates skin that looks naturally smoother, firmer, more luminous — and overall younger-looking.
*In one study, dermatologists asked 28 middle-aged women to apply beech tree buds to their crow’s feet and other wrinkles twice a day for the next 28 days.
*The doctors were shocked to measure as much as a 51% reduction in surface wrinkles (AFTER 1 APPLICATION). Plus, more half the women — 53% — found their skin was firmer. Meanwhile, 61% of the volunteers said their features looked smoother.

Doesn’t that sound impressive?!?
And they are willing to back it up – there’s an amazing guarantee – straight from Systeme 41
If you don’t notice a difference in the way your skin looks and feels, simply return the unused product (even if you’re at the bottom of the jar!) for a complete refund.  No questions asked. No time limits. You can return the entire container completely empty at any time and still get 100% of your money back. You risk nothing by trying Système 41.
I will be popping in to tell you how it’s going, every week or two, and taking pictures of myself along the way so you can see my results and changes.
If you would like to give it a try yourself, there is a special promotion right now for free shipping plus 10% off any purchase of 2 or more items.  Here’s that link: Système 41 special promotion
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    I am really bad about washing my face at night too! And I am also 32, so we are in the same boat. I bought some of those make-up remover wipes and have been trying to at least do that at night. I will be curious to see how these products work out for you. :)

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