WIWW – hair

So that “WIWW” is a lie – this isn’t the weekly post about What I Wore – – there were a couple of problems:

–I just wore boring clothes

–my camera BROKE!!  I only was without it for a couple of days when I realized I just couldn’t live life without a camera, and told my mom I would need to steal hers for a couple of weeks.  Meanwhile I had days where I couldn’t take pictures, so why even dress up :)

So instead, let’s talk hair.

I got a Curling Wand – cause Kimbo praised it – what was I thinking?!?  I am no hair guru, that’s for sure!  When I first used it on myself, I burned my pinky (why oh why does the glove only come with 4 fingers?!).  The first time I used it on my first-grader, I burned her (or so she claims).  Here’s the results of the first time I used it (this is the day my camera died  – it got shipped of later that afternoon):

 Some random info:

–I watched about a million “how to use a curling wand” videos on youtube.

–I have short hair – I think that’s part of my problem

–you’re supposed to hold the wand upside-down (once I did that it was easier)

–it’s not an instant curl, which are the hopes I had.  You still have to hold it on your hair for a little bit.

–it works better on gunky hair.  Coat hair with hairspray before and after use.

–at first I used it at medium heat.  Who was I kidding – once I cranked it up to full blast hot, I was getting better results.

–I bought the “plugged in” brand at Sally’s – it was $30 and came with a free mini flat iron (a $20 value) because that was the deal that week.

 So, overall – I’m beginning to catch on.  I think with another week of use, I might get the hand of the crazy ole curling wand.  I thought I’d take pictures of using it today (well, today for when I’m writing this – which is Tuesday)….first, my hair when I wake up.  I washed it last night and slept on it damp:

 I pull up half my hair and curl it, then curl the top layer.  My arms get super tired by the end – forget 30 day shred, this is my workout!

 Oh, disclaimer, ignore my master bathroom decor – I know it’s bad!

 So here’s the look this morning:

 It dies down throughout the day – here’s the look during the late afternoon:

I feel like it curls better on the second day – so that’ll be tomorrow. I’ll try and post a picture tomorrow so you can see – I think it’s cause all the gunk in your hair after a second day holds the curl better.

I like the kinky curly look for some reason, but I think the “in” look right now is the looser curls.  My main problem with the curling wand is the ends – you hold the hair on the wand, so the very end never seems to get curled very well.  But for the “beach wavy loose curls” I think you want uncurled ends.  But with the loose waves, I feel like you spent time fixing your hair so it’d look like you just rolled out of bed.

Anyways, thoughts on a curling wand??  Anyone have tips for me??

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  1. says

    I think your hair looks good! You did a good job, much better than I would have been able to do. I saw someone else use one of these wants and I didn’t understand the straight end either, but then I haven’t touched a curling iron since 1992, so… ;-)

  2. says

    I love it! My daughter has the wand thingy… I tried it…. Once…. Gave up. I think i will tryit again you have inspired me. Iyour hair looks fab!

  3. says

    As someone with crazy, thick, naturally curly hair (which I occasionally try to tame with a straightening iron) I usually don’t like curls. Yours, however, look great. I love how soft they look by the afternoon.

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