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Are you getting tired of seeing the same old things here on What I Wore Wednesday?  Well this week I’m mixing it up because I found a couple of different things at a couple of different thrift stores.  
But before I get to that, speaking of seeing the same ole things, I feel like I need to wear my denim shirt a different way each week just to try it out – – so here’s this week’s version – with a skirt.  I really liked the look this week!  I had a church luncheon to go to, so it was kinda dressy, but it was on a Saturday, so I didn’t want to be too dress.  The skirt I made (simple knit skirt tutorial) and the shirt is the infamous $1 I’ve talked about the past several weeks:
Now, the new stuff – 
First up, this herringbone cardigan.  I almost didn’t get it, then I thought of course I’m getting it!  I wasn’t sure if I should wear it buttoned or open – so I opted for open…
Later in the week I found this bohemian type dress thing, which I thought was worth buying just for the fabric that was calling my name.  But then I thought, why not wear it – so I did.  It was SO comfy! It’s spaghetti strapped, so I wore a shirt under it, which looks weird, so I wore a jacket over all of it.

 Anyways, thoughts on my finds?  Keep going with them in my wardrobe rotation, or move them along?

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  1. says

    Love the cardi!! Open is definitely better….small closed cardi’s look weird. Like the first outfit, though not overly crazy on the boots with it….
    Nice dress though again not with the boots….or the t-shirt..was a vest top not available?

  2. says

    That herringbone cardigan is AMAZING! I love it and it is PERFECT how you paired it with the shirt and that long necklace. Which by the way, I would LOVE to have. The skirt outfit is also adorable.

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