WIWW – trying out feathers

So this week I thought I’d try out the feather accessories that seem to be all the rage.  But first up, another try at denim.  Kilee had suggested black skinnies with my brown boots, so I tried that – I went with a green shirt because it’s March and all, but now I’m wondering if she meant to stick with the sweater-over-the-denim thing…. hmmm, thoughts??  I think the denim shirt might be too short for this look…

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Now, on to feathers…
First up, when I wore this sweater I thought it needed big earrings so I went with feathers to step a little outside my box.  The earrings are even – I just think I’m holding my head weird:

 Then to church I wore a feather clip on my sweater and a feather headband which you can’t really see.  I knew feather earrings would be too much with all the other feather stuff, so I just went with plain dangly earrings.  I wore my gray tights again but I thought this time it was better because it matches the gray sweater.  Also, I don’t know why my hair looks like it’s glowing red – it’s not that bright in real life!

So let’s hear it – thoughts on either outfit??  Thoughts on the whole feather accessory trend in general??  I got all my feather stuff from Paparazzi.
Any ideas of what to do next with my denim shirt?

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    I love the feathers. I have a pair of long chain earrings with feathers attached to the ends that are my favorite.
    I love your church outfit! It looks so pretty and comfy!

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    I LOVE the last look! As for the denim shirt, my personal opinion is that when wearing leggings the length of the shirt should be more the length of sweater in the second photo. To me, leggings look like leotards, and the rump should be amply covered. :)

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    I’m liking the last two outfits! For some reason that denim shirt just looks off in the first one. Maybe it IS too short. I’ve really been wanting to try some feather earrings. Love how they look on you! Off to check out your site… See if there’s some I like. *wink*

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    Sweater, love it! I’m too chicken to wear feathers yet, but I think you pulled them off nicely. The church outfit it great too. I’m sorry, but the denim is NOT working this time. It needs to be bigger/longer/and flow-y-er? I see how you were trying to extend the length with the green shirt, but because it was snug against the tights it just wasn’t working. I really need to find some great boots like those….

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    I LOVE the last look, but I would love to see you in some heels, even low ones! The boots are adorable, but with the dress, they kind of cut your legs off. I am completely jealous of the boots, though. I have wide calves and never found any that I could wear well!

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