April 16, 2012

13 Pumpkins - giveaway!!

You've heard of 13 Pumpkins, right??  Of course you have, they're one of my sponsors!  Let me give you a sneak peak into the 13 Pumpkins: Writing on the Walls Etsy Shop - love this one:
Typography Wall Art- You Are My Happy Wood Sign

Back to the talk  - here's straight from Marrianne herself, all about them and their signs - so amazing!:

Hi – my name is Marrianne Williams. My husband Ryan and I collaborate on the work we do for 13Pumpkins. We've thoroughly enjoyed turning a hobby into a micro business opportunity together.

I’ve been a web and graphic designer for 15+ years and have been sewing, cooking, crocheting etc since elementary school. I have many passions but most are a creative outlet of one type or another. 

Ryan is the handiest of handymen and can do just about anything he sets his mind to. He has been a blessing to my life and to my creative outlets. 

While I have many creative outlets, typography and signs are one of my true passions. I love using typography in decor in many different forms and can't wait to show you new mediums of typography decor we've planned for the shop.

We paint each sign by hand, using several coats to achieve a design we are happy with. We also distress each piece and stain them. The stain picks up all the imperfections of the wood and the paint after the distressing process, adding characteristics you would find in an antique sign. Finally each sign receives a coat of polyurethane to protect your sign for years to come. 
Many boards have natural imperfections. We embrace these imperfections and enjoy working them into the design. We strive to achieve a look that conjures up an image of an artist being suddenly inspired. He/she picks up a piece of wood nearby and paints his or her thoughts on the board right then and there. 

Want to see some more of the awesome things they offer - of course you do:

Typography Wall Art - Life is Short - Gray and Red Wood SignTypography Wall Art- Make Today Amazing Wood Sign 

Typography Wall Art- It Is Well With My Soul Wood Sign
Typography Wall Art- As You Wish Wood Sign

And now giveaway time - - guess what - - you have the chance to win your choice of one item from the shop - eek!!!

To enter the giveaway (you can do any or all of the following - just a leave a separate comment on this blog post for each thing that you do)

--Like 13 Pumpkins on facebook

--Follow 13 Pumpkins on Twitter

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--check out the 13 Pumpkins Etsy Shop - then come back here and tell me which thing you love the most!

Good Luck - giveaway ends Friday, April 20th, around noon

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94 Fabulous Comments:

I subscribed via RSS on my google reader

the Typography Wall Art- Family Rules no.1 White Wood Sign would be perfect in my entry hall. I loved it

I liked 13 Pumpkins on fb.

I love the I'm walking on sun shine board.

I love their yellow "You are my happy" sign!!! :) Thank you!!!

I subscribed to the RSS Feed on the 13Pumpkins blog.

I love the You are My Dream Come True sign.

I love the EAT drink and be merry for me, but so many of them could be great gifts!

I liked 13 pumpkins on facebook

I follow 13 pumpkins on twitter

I subscribe to the 13 pumpkins blog

Great giveaway! I like 13Pumpkins on FB.

I'm following 13Pumpkins on Twitter. @birdie00000

Now following the 13Pumpkins blog...

I really like the Mr. & Mrs. sign. :)

I went and looked at all of the signs, and you know what? I think the one that you featured that says "You are my happy" is my favorite one. It's just so, well, happy:)

I like 13 pumpkins on facebook.

I Caught Myself Smiling Sign is perfect.

can't decide between their our sweet little story and i love you... love you too

these signs are amazing!

I love the "It is well with my soul" wooden sign!

I liked 13 Pumpkins on Facebook (Jackie Reini)

I'm following 13 Pumpkins on Twitter (@JackieReini)

I subscribed to 13 Pumpkins' blog. :)

I like 13 pumpkins on facebook

There are so many items that I love from their shop...but my favorite has to be "You Have My Whole Heart For My Whole Life". I would love to have that one. Thanks for the great giveaway! :)

I love the as you wish sign my husband and I love the movie "Princess Bride"

I follow 13 pumpkins on twitter @cfiedler77

I subscribe to 13 pumpkins rss feed

Like 13Pumkins on facebook.
Sooo cool!

Love the I'm Walking on Sunshine (perfect for my playroom) or the You are my Happy!

I liked them on FB, but am not on Twitter, so I won't be able to do that! Now, off to check out their blog!

I love everything in their Etsy shop but, being that we are HUGE "Princess Bride" fans, I have to go with "As You Wish" sign. It's perfect!

I subscribed to their blog.

I love the one that has a bird and says "you are my dream come true." I want it for my daughter's nursery:)

I like 13pumpkins on facebook!

I love the "You make me happy when skies are grey" sign. That's the song I sing to my son, and the theme for his 1st birthday party coming up in a few weeks.

I really really really like the "You are loved" sign.

I love the "It is well with my soul" signs.

I liked 13 Pumpkins on Facebook

I also signed up to follow her blog.

I like 13 Pumpkins on facebook
erincyoung (at) yahoo.com

I follow 13 Pumpkins on Twitter

erincyoung (at) yahoo.com

I subscribe to the 13 Pumpkins blog through my reader

erincyoung (at) yahoo.com

my favorite is:

Typography Wall Art - A True Love Story Never Ends Wood Sign

erincyoung (at) yahoo.com

I liked 13 Pumpkins on Facebook!

I love, love, love the Family rules #2 wooden sign!

Hmm... I think I like either the shabby damask wall art (though I'd request pink and black ;-) ) or Here Comes The Sun!

I love It is Well With My Soul..

I like 13 Pumpkins on Facebook.

I liked them on facebook!

jesicarasmussen {at} hotmail {dot} com

I love the red sign that says "A True Love Story Never Ends." fabulous, thanks for introducing me to a new obsession!!!

jesicarasmussen {at} hotmail {dot} com

LOVE the In This House Family Rules sign!!!!


I subscribed to 13 Pumpkins

My fav is the Elton John "I hope you dont mind that i put down in words...." my hubby sings this all the time :)

I love the I love You to the Moon piece! Very nice works!

I follow them on Twitter

I tried subscribing to their blog but it says "The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled" :-( What am I doing wrong?

My favorite on the Etsy shop is the In This House sign. So cute!

I liked 13 Pumpkins on FB!

You make me happy is my favorite! You Are My Sunshine is me & my daughter's song.

I love the You have my Whole Heart Wood sign! Love that you can choose the colors too!!!

My favorite sign is Life is!!! Would love to display those rules in my house:)

I like the Typography Wall Art- I Love You to the moon and back.

following on twitter as @daisycrochet

subscribed to rss as melsdaisypatch

Liked 13 pumpkins on facebook!

Typography Wall Art- You Are My Happy Wood Sign

Beautiful shop.

I can't decide which one I like best! :)

I love the 3 little birds and it is well signs

I tried to subscribe to blog through email but received an error message :(

I would love the personalized irish wedding blessing in a dark blue. :)

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