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first off – – i just ordered a new keyboard – my “shift” key on the right isn’t working – so bear with the non-capitalized posts for a few days….

now, what you’ve been waiting for – the behind-the-scenes post of my tv segement!!!

if you missed the segment, here’s where you can see it in all it’s glory –

here’s the arrival – we had to be there at 8am – ugh – i am not one for early mornings – i had to get up at 6 – –

 the big debate was of course, what to wear!!  it’s what i worried about the most – i didn’t want to be too dressy or too causal.  i settled on trouser jeans and that mustard infinity scarf, and found a mustard belt at target to pull it all together.

i drug kate along with me for a few reasons:
–i am awful at driving in traffic, and seeing as we were heading into the city in the morning, i knew we’d encounter some
–i am awful with knowing where to go – i printed directions off, but still – kate has some sort of internal map and knows where everything is
–i am not one to step outside of my comfort zone, so when i do of course i have to take someone with me
–i needed a photographer – to blog about the behind-the-scenes – and a helper to carry all the stuff

let’s remember how tall kate is….for a reference, i am pretty short, 5′ 3″ – but she tops 6 ft

anyways, when get there, the anchorman pops out in the hall walking from place to place – and he was short – probably shorter than me.  Kate couldn’t stop giggling because her being so tall was such a contrast.  so she was giggly the entire time…

we get there and are lead to a green room.  no “hair and makeup” or anything, if you’re wondering.  there was a guy in the green room and at first i wondered if he was another of the tv anchors (goes to show that i don’t even know the show that well – my kids watch kid shows every morning, so i don’t see morning tv) but he was the guest on before me.  there was a tv in the green room, so right after he was lead out, there he was, on tv – kind of surreal…

 then they lead us out – right onto the set. there was no giant “on air” red sign flashing or anything, so i didn’t even know we were stepping onto the set – i’m sure i was talking pretty loudly.  this desk was at one end of the big room and the anchor desk was at the other end.  on the side wall was the green screen for the weather and traffic persons.  here i am getting mic-ed up

 the whole thing was pretty funny – the anchors dance around and read emails and fb updates in commercial breaks and just yap to each other while the weather and traffic are being shown.  Kate on the sidelines- she showed up dressed like me, just in different colors:

 so anyways, there was no runthrough or heads up on what they’d say or anything – it just started.  there wasn’t even a 3-2-1-you are on, type of countdown – the anchorwoman just started talking and i thought, huh, we’re starting??  i knew i had about 3 minutes and i had practiced a talk-through a couple times at home with trevor as a stand-in tv anchor (which was pretty funny) so i’m glad i did that.

 during the segment i almost knocked the spray glue over, twice, and completely forgot to mention that you can make big prints of quotes just like you do pictures.  my dad later asked why i had a big board with words, so oops, i meant to talk about that on air.  i also shook the life out of the spray glue – even after i had preshaken it before the segment, but i just wanted to be sure it worked.  kate’s view:

 hey you, put down the spray glue!!!

anyways, it was a fun experience and I am already booked to do another segment in may.  although i don’t think that’s because of my great job this time around or anything because that second one was already set up before they saw how the first one went.  and side note, i think they’ll let anyone on tv – they didn’t interview me or anything beforehand, just let me right on – who knew!

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  1. says

    First, I just want to let you know that I love your blog! Great job on your tv gig. You are adorable! Second, as a resident of NW Missouri, if we watch the news, we’re watching FOX4. The whole reason we watch it is because they all seem so fun and relaxed, and when something goes wrong, they just kind of laugh. Sometimes I think we need more humor, instead of everyone having to be so serious! Anyway, keep up the great work!

  2. says

    I hope you realize that you are already famous with us, girl! :-) And what a fun post. I’m sure you’ll become a regular. (stopping in from my husband’s crummy computer because mine is still not up and running. Grrrrrrr.)

    Have a great weekend, Mandy!

  3. says

    Great Work! Looks like a fun morning, and your kids must think they have the COOLEST mom in the world. And, of course, they are right. :o)

  4. says

    That was awesome! You seamed very professional and not nervous at all!
    Also, when you first posted this craft, I didnt think it was something I would do, but now I am “running” to the store to get what I need! You should definitely do more video tutorials.

    Now I have a question… My camera is older and is only 6.1 megapixals and an uncropped image is 3008 x 2000 (I think those numbers are the pixels). I have no idea how they will look printed in a large size. Do you know the size/pixels of the picture you printed? (I would love to get one as big as the one in your original post…)

  5. says

    You did such an awesome job! You looked relaxed and were dressed so cute. You didn’t have a lot of time, but did a perfect job explaining everything. You should be so proud!! I would have been a basket case, crying in the corner…I HATE talking in front of people haha! SO happy for you! :)

  6. says

    That is so fantastic! I always wondered what it was really like.. and you did great.

    Next stop: OPRAH (She may have to revive her show just so you can be a guest!)

  7. says

    I just watched the video and you did such a great job! You didn’t seem the least bit nervous and everything looked great!

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