Chevron Chalkboard Mini-Dresser

I am in love with the Chevron Revamp I gave to the mini-dresser that’s in our entryway – check out the cuteness:

I had better love it – taping off those chevrons took forever!!  And I’m just noticing as I’m writing this that I forgot to paint the legs that Ocean Breeze blue – doh!

Anyways, I also forgot to take a before picture.  Luckily the last time I painted it, I had already begun blogging so I posted about it HERE – and here’s the picture from that post:
I had painted it green.  But it need a revamp.  I taped and taped and taped and wondered why in the world people paint chevron cause it’s a super hassle….I finally finished the one side and thought, done.  Yep, I didn’t even paint the chevron zig zag on the other side – it faces the wall next to the stairs, so why would I :)

After taping, I first covered the areas I planned on painting blue with another layer of gray paint, over the tape.  I brushed all the paint on.  This means that any paint that seeps will be gray and will blend in.  It makes a protective layer to prevent the blue from seeping.

See  – – it came out pretty well.  There were a few seep spots, but not many, and I just touched those up by hand:

Here’s a view of after I did a little touch-up:

Then I sprayed the whole thing with a clear – I feel like this helps painted furniture have less of a “homemade” feel  –  makes it look a little more professional:

That’s it – now it is a super fun piece that greats everyone in my entryway:

 It’s like a mini-dresser size, and we use it as shoe storage – solves the problem of everyone always having shoes all over near the door.  Each person has their own drawer – they’re the perfect size to hold 2-3 pairs of shoes.  The fronts of the drawers are painted with chalkboard paint so we can label them.

 I really love it!!  So much more fun than before!

So even though I dreaded taping the chevron as I was doing it, I was glad I did it in the end.  Grab a dresser and go try it!!

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  1. says

    I just got so excited when I saw that picture! I LOVE it! Color combo, chalk drawers, and everything on top! Awesome project :D
    xo Jess

  2. says

    It turned out really cute! You are dedicated to tape all that chevron! ;) I have loved that shoe dresser idea for a long time-I’ve got to get on that!

  3. says

    I am new to your blog. I saw your link party on lists @ the pinterest project and full of great ideas, and I thought I’d stop by. I love the idea of a shoe dresser–I just wish that I had a spot for it! I also truly love the art behind it–the pinwheels on the crib support! I think my four-year-old would love that. Something to keep in mind when my twins outgrow the cribs! I am planning on coming back!

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