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Well, today was the day I was supposed to urge you to vote for me in round 2 of Project Run and Play – but I didn’t even make it through round 1!!   My aunt summed it up: “Well that’s embarrassing—but you got a prize anyway, and don’t have to think!”  – – yep, it is kind of embarrassing to go out the first week – but yep, now I don’t have to think about the upcoming themes anymore.

So anyways,  I’m telling you all that because I thought I’d make it to week 2 – – and so I already made a whole set of outfits for “SPORTSWEAR” — I realize sportswear is more like active wear, mix and match pieces, but I focused on the “sports” aspect:

We are planning to run as a family in the “Color Run” where you wear white and get sprayed with colored powder as you run.  So I made the kids a whole set of matching running clothes.

True to my style, I think my design is simple, practical, and fun.  The kids LOVE wearing them – they will for sure get use.  My toddler has already slept in his because he didn’t want to take it off.  

Some Highlights about the Sewing Project:
–it’s all sewn by me, except my oldest son’s shirt. I drafted all the patterns myself.
–the white fabric is a mesh-type fabric – perfect for sportwear.  But as most mesh with mini-holes all over it, it’s a little see through so I lined all the shorts and the fronts of the girls shirts.
–the bias tape is handmade.  There are double rows on the girls shorts and side strips on the boy shirt.
–I hand-dyed the elastic for that awesome pop of color on the waistband.
–pocket added for more color pop.
–for the girls, matching hairbows and headband.

The piping is the star of the show on this set of clothes.  I handmade all the bias tape – – the fabric for it was Robert Kaufman.  The fabric is stripped so when it’s cut on the bias and made into bias tape, the slanted lines look awesome.  I  knew the white outfits would need a pop of color and this was perfect.  I will do a whole about the how-to soon…

I also will include on that post how to do the bias tape on the girls’ shorts – super fun and super easy.  The waistband is a wide piece of elastic that’s dyed. 

For my little boy’s, I added a pocket, because all little boys need big pockets on their pants.  His shirt also got a couple of racing stripes down the front.

I thought I got awesome pictures, in a super short amount of time – which is hard to do with a group of 4 kids…. the trick?? I told them all if there were good I’d give them each $1 – – best $4 I’ve spent in a while…

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    LOVE! You would have deffinately won out this week!! I’m doing the color run in October, in Nashville. I may need to make me some running gear like theirs! HA!

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    Love the outfits Mandy! And for what it’s worth, I was a fan of your circle skirt entry! :)

    And you got GREAT pictures. I only have three to work with and the youngest NEVER cooperates. What can I say, she is a super stubborn almost three year old. She actually runs if she sees a camera. LOL.

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    Love the outfits Mandy! And for what it’s worth, I was a fan of your circle skirt entry! :)

    And you got GREAT pictures. I only have three to work with and the youngest NEVER cooperates. What can I say, she is a super stubborn almost three year old. She actually runs if she sees a camera. LOL.

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    Omg hahaha I love the pic with their dollars haha! I am the same way, I feel pretty creative and Everytime I do a craft comp I get the boot first haha! I guess I don’t work well when someone gives me a catogory??

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    OMG those pictures!!! You’re kids should be models…the DEFINITELY know how to work the camera! I love these outfits…they are so fun! And that run sounds like such a fun activity!

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    I have to leave a comment to say how impressed I am with your photos! I have 3 kids- and never have I gotten all of them to look this good in so many photos! Esp my youngest that still does the CHEESE face. Also I LOVE the jumping one, maybe will have to try it with mine….

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    Those outfits rock, Mandy! I’d wear one even if I wasn’t getting sprayed with colored powder! Haha! I’ve never heard of Color Run before. It sounds neat!

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    These pictures are awesome! Ya’ll are going to be the stars of the color run! I agree with you on the over the top stuff. They are pretty to look at, but I just don’t have the motivation to finish projects like that. (and then I would stress every time the outfit was worn…) So I try to stick to the easy stuff in knits and pretty fabric combos.

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    Okay first of all I think that is hilarious that you paid your kids because I do it all the time. My 3 boys are so good when there is money involved. Secondly the outfits are very cool, I love your top picture and the their little personalities shining through. I think this would have landed you on the top.

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    haha! I love that you paid them! Isn’t it great when a dollar will get them to do almost anything. $20 will hardly get my teenage brother to do anything! The outfits look great, and I’m jealous of your run. I wish we had something like that here in Idaho… I’d totally do it!

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    Those are such cute outfits, and cute kids! Your littlest one looks so much like your hubby! :)

    A few years ago, I found a picture from when I was about 3, and saw that I had something in my hand. When I asked my mom what it was, she said it was a dollar. Apparently, I couldn’t believe her when she said we would go get a cookie after, so I had to hold the money through the entire shoot!

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    I absolutely LOVE these outfits!! And I’m totally impressed that you are getting all your kids to run with you or should I say that you are brave to go that slow with them. HAHA! I’m hoping that we are in that area next year so I can do the color run with you.

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    Oh my gosh Mandy what an awesome photo shoot!!! I was wondering how you got them to all pose so well! Sorry you didn’t make it through but I hear ya ~ I’m all about simple, practical sewing as well. Over the top, complicated stuff doesn’t interest me. If you had made it to week 2 you surely would have moved on to the next round as these outfits are super cute!! And I love the Color Run thing! AWESOME! TFS

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    You’re right- awesome pictures! And we bribe our four year old with “green money” too :) Love your outlook on the contest- you ought to show us relative type of projects from here anyway- your a winner here! :)

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    Mandy! I’m so glad I stopped over and saw this- I love it! The white with the rainbow bias is AWESOME, and I love that your took the sports thing more literally. These clothes will get a ton of wear this summer and your kids are so cute in the pictures!


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