April 12, 2012

Double Frame Mirror

Are you wondering why I haven't done a big blog post on my Master Bedroom Reveal??  Well, the problem is, it's not ready for a reveal.  I did all that stencil painting and nightstand revamp and got til the room was about 90% done.  And that's about where all my projects end - almost, but never quite finished.

What's left??  Throw pillows and curtains and hanging some stuff on the wall.  You'd think I'd just knock that out in an afternoon, but I haven't..

But, we DID upgrade the mirror.  Actually we did this back in January, but I meant to take some better pictures of it.  But I never did.  But then I needed something to post about today, so you'll just get the pictures as they are, lucky you.

First, a look back.  My dresser set was bought at an estate sale for cheap.  It's really solid and I liked it's function, but it didn't really call to me.  Here's the before:
 So first up I stained it with gel stain - I'll dig those pictures out sometime and do a whole post on it.  Then I put on new handles, which really does a ton to update it.  But I wanted it to look more like a furniture "piece" than just another dresser that came with an old bedroom set.

My idea was to take the mirror off the dresser and hang it directly on the wall instead.  I also painted the mirror white to set it apart.  Once we did that I thought it still needed more.
The solution was more trim to make the mirror more substantial since it's the focal point of that whole wall.  So Trevor just nailed up trim around the mirror.  You can see the 2 inches of wall space left between the original mirror and the new moulding that surrounds it.  Nail gun, nerf gun - whatever:
And so then it looked like this:
And after that I filled in the corner cracks and nail holes and gave it one more coat of paint, but I never took another picture.  Maybe I was waiting til I whipped up some curtains - and so I'm still waiting....

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Great idea for making the mirror more chunky!! Dresser looks great!I love to use gel stain too!! It's ok about the pics...My "good" camera is in the shop so camera phone pics is what blogworld is getting from me...:)
Have a great day! Look forward to the reveal!

Oooo I love how you beefed up that mirror! It looks so good!! So does your dresser- I love what you did with it. I'll bet your room is looking fabulous!

I'm the same way. I don't have a single room in my house that is completely done. I've decided that decorating a room is like building a lego house, if you finish it you have to tear it apart and start over. So I just don't finish ;D. I love the double molding I would never have thought of it but it looks great. I also love the revamp on the dresser. I'm looking for a dresser for my girls room and seeing this helps me to look at craigslist pictures a little differently. Thanks.

So I'm the worst... I start a room and then don't get to finishing it. So it sits. And sits. And because I feel guilty moving on without finishing nothing else gets done either! That mirror looks great there! Really fills up that wall now!

LOVE the mirror. Please come help me with my house!

I love the character the extra frame adds.

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